Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


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A perspective, Consider also again I agree however in a different way.

It is the PRIEST that Makes the KING, the King that Enslaves his Army, the ARMY that FORCES unto HUMANITY the Artificial thing, that comes by the PRIEST, A man and his money, the Prophet it’s Profit, the Golden Calf and False IDOL, Symbolism that was intended for INSTRUCTION only, MEANING these Words and Symbols are not intended to Speak of Belief, BUT to INSTRUCT how to INTERACT with TECHNOLOGY and to EDUCATE, That are the Creation of HUMANITY not MAN, It is MAN and his ego whom is LEARNING by the revers engineering of these Things, Technology today and that will be in the NEAR future, because the interpolation of these technologies are not original, thus Untrue and not Man’s creation but rather a Discovery and the result of his stealing and borrowing words not his own for and by his ego, envy and greed for such capability, power and authority over life and the living as a whole manifesting a very destructive artificiality as man seeks to dominate eternity, Hijacking the inevitability of life and its immortality, however There is a Unavoidable end to all artificiality.

because of these artificiality’s the resulting technologies become WEAPONIZED unto humanity and all things as these understandings are propagated as new Technology’s that are nothing more then a Mimic of what is HUMAN and Human Technology, our first technology was and is Utilized to Sustain life and the Memory of It, the IMAGE of which WE First reproduce the human, humanity and humanism on this planet called Earth, that has been exploited LONG ago, portions and bits of it’s record have literally been engraved, painted and WRITTEN on the wall that many are not willing to or can not READ.

There will always be controllers of mentality unto humanity by the use of BELIEF and TECHNOLOGY for as long as HUMANS perpetuate its Actuality, while also Exploiting the HUMANS Empathy, compassion, passion and Dignity along with the many other aspects of our humanism that We should consider these controllers a Parasite unto Humanity, higher Conscious and Critical thinking, thus for as long as there remains RACE and RELIGION, Division and Divide, we will have no freedom or rite rather only the illusion of these things, our ignorance due to the lack of a whole understanding of any given thing necessary to acknowledge and be aware of its enlightenment thus an awakening.

A lesson Acknowledged a time ago, scars unto the firmament, The new Star by these the Three Deceivers!, be he The God, Priest or King, this story has never been FORGOTTEN but only FORGIVEN!

how can we say we are Honest, and Telling a truth or argue Honestly, To give weight or meaning to their word is Foolery for it has been both Stolen and Borrowed from humanity, manipulated, altered and regurgitated by man as if a voice of his own, these are the actions of the cowardly whom utilize lies as if a weapon, a swords blade that draws flat to fade, Rust and Decay over time inevitably, something that can not be sustained, Artificiality.

“Remember at the End of the Day, We are the manifestation of a Words Meaning and it’s affect unto ourselves, for words are empty and harmless”, And if this is True, then What when these words are Lies and Deceptions worked and propagandized to facilitate control over the narrative and belief, the Sheep, Lamb, and other sacrificial thing.

See how it has control of us now, By threatening it, we are willing to pick up the gun, and even begin to think about and consider Murder even if unintentionally while only being willing to perpetuate captivity to shit smudged on paper.

How many Times has the Bible and other scripture been manipulated, altered and even Rewritten also then what is Grater according to the Belief, If the Bible is more important then should it not be that which the believer should govern and live, but how while the freedom to do so and of will is propagated as a Rite rather then reality. These papers mean nothing in consideration of rationality, logicality thus reality, Like all other Artificiality that inherent the inevitable end, thus meaning nothing unto Humanity but all things to the Ego of Man and his mentality…

Adam ate the Apple Correct? The deception is Written in the First Pages of the BOOK! All blinded by the tiny Shiny thing, not even AWARE of the massive HAY stack its buried within… Obsession over any one IDEA is UNHEALTHY and becomes DESTRUCTIVE, more so When founded by a LIE and artificiality, It leads to Insanity and the Army, King, Priest and God unto the blessed thing HUMANITY, our Humanism, Humaneness and the Freedom of will for these exist to facilitate by these acknowledgments, understandings the Enlightenment and awakening.

A compilation of a few things, I offer for consideration and will digress, I do not wish to challenge or offend. I have not provided these things to Convince, or per-sway, but to share and contribute a different opinion, understanding, perspective, and acknowledgments, We are Equal as we Believe and each have a Belief, it’s this that unifies us most but is blind to the unseeing.

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Take care, and Thank you… Appreciated.

Additional, We must first be honest and acknowledge ourselves first before all thing.


Because I am not going to give a whole class on how to spot the Frog, I have included some links for you to browse and ponder a while. These understanding at times can provide us a better understanding of ourselves, also others. However what is provided here is ONLY but the front of the book, the deeper understandings require many hours of study, and Experience, but never fear to learn more.

I could psychologically analyze many individuals here exposing the mind of the mentally challenged, ill and the Fanatical… But to sum it UP, the Psychopath typical Grasps at any form of reassurances, even if it puts life in danger thus the thinking of the irrational and Illogical psychopath and it’s psychopathic tendency.

The following links will help you understand The Fanatic, Religious or other.

the Fanatic is Always.

Thus Subjectable to

Thus Leading to


Resulting in the

Manifesting the

Ending with

Leaving only.


Why? Considering the fact that no one has ever attained everlasting life who believes the bible is the word of god, I respectfully decline.

John 3:16, the son of god is not Jesus just because a book says so, for if you believe in the son of god, according to that verse, which is not Jesus but the universe’s creation where the truth of life and god’s will (instructions to walk the path) exist, you’ll have everlasting life and not perish. This demonstrates that the bible not explaining verses is complete for that lack of completeness leads one to believe in something other than the truth and that is one way satan deceives, making the bible a book of death by the fruit of its effect on believers in it. Because satan is a false belief about anything, the condition of belief system that causes death, this is evidence that the doctrine of Christianity and what it derives from the bible is a satanic, antichrist, murderous death cult that makes Hitler look like a small time operation. But instead of killing via gas chambers, it kills via lies and deception.

Christianity desperately tries to seek validation by prophecy, but Jesus taught immortality/everlasting life and that is the key to the truth that sets man free from mortality. He wasn’t going, “OK, disciples, break out your crystal balls and let’s predict some stuff”. Validation is by immortality. Show me one person who became immortal by believing the bible is the word of god and I’ll reconsider.

Jesus was against getting truth from written word. He taught faith which is attained through experiencing truth directly, not indirectly from books. This is why he said what he did in the Essene Gospel of Peace which describes religion and what they value quite accurately and I quote…

“There is none yet among you that can understand all this of which I speak. He who expounds to you the scriptures speaks to you in a dead tongue of dead men, through his diseased and mortal body. Him, therefore, can all men understand, for all men are diseased and all are in death. No one sees the light of life. Blind man leads blind on the dark paths of sins, diseases and sufferings; and at the last all fall into the pit of death.”

This book just so happen to MAGICALLY not make it in the bible. I wonder why??? Because it reveals the bible as a book of death. Not hard to figure that one out.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

This is a Facebook post from Counterfeit Christianity Exposed-

You don’t have to hold Rituals and Sacrifices to Worship satan. By your action and false beliefs you might already do.

Satanism is all about doing it (YOUR WAY) instead of (GOD’S WAY) like (Do with thou wilt).

Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey (1930-1997) taught his followers that they were their own gods and goddesses, their own final authority. And he must, as a Satanist. Knowing this, realizing what his human potential is, eventually, and here is one of the essential points of Satanism. Attain his own godhead in accordance with his potential. Therefore, each man, eash woman is a god or goddess in satanism. - Anton Lavey (1930-1997) Church of Satan.

Sound familiar? This is the very essence of New Age Doctrine, That is, the concept that all men and women are destined for godhood.

They claim that Jesus was no more God than anybody else can attain. Heathen Like Mormons, teach as that was, so shall all mormons become i.e as gods. In the garden of eden, the serpent told Even in Genesis 3:5 that She and Adam would become as gods, knowing right from wrong.

This is exactly what Anton Lavey taught, that is, that every man & women is a god or goddess in Satanism.

By eating of the forbiidden fruit, Adam and Eve opened the floodgate of Sin & Death to pass upon all humanity. (Romans 5:12)
This is why there is so much death, pain and suffering in the world today. We are living in the fallen World. Adam and Eve wanted to be as gods, making their own choices between good and evil. And God allowed them to do so & suffer the Consecquences.

The World is in the mess it is in today because men and not God. They want to choose for themselves what is good & evil instead of God. Think about it.

The Devil just wants you to do anything other than what God wants you to do.



DO more GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGLEL searches. I don’t have time for this. Sounds like you talked to Jesus face-to-face. I’m curious, where is He? In the desert? In the secret rooms? In the deep? REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!


And what about people who don’t give a rat’s ass about “seeking truth” and have better things to do with their time? Guess it’s the bottomless pit and eternal damnation for us, huh? lol


This video :thinking: shows how talmud Jews are despicable (pedophiles and more) :expressionless: the things they say about Jesus :rage: grrrrr

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between Talmud Jews and Torah Jews… Same as their is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between Christ’s Followers and Fake Christians… Just saying…


Yes sir the lake of fire is for all unbelieving rejecters of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation…
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God…
Ye must be born again!


How do you know noone has ever attained everlasting life?


To truly understand Christianity, you must understand how the history of Christianity and Judaism has been twisted and translated to bring ignorance to the multitudes… it takes time and lots of research of ALL history… It’s just much easier with discernment given by the Creator (Almighty God) thru the Holy Spirit. With that discernment, truth is possible to be seen
:thinking: Just saying… The one responsible for the corruption is none other than the father of Lies, Satan/Lucifer… Anything other than truth, belongs to him…his goal is to take as many with him as possible into eternal damnation… What’s the point of anything? Find out for yourself if that’s what you want… If not disregard any of what is stated here…



Yes, this is a rendition of the apparition of Jesus witnessed in 2007 and he taught me where real truth is, in god’s creation and life. He was all white, see through, and appeared like a cloud, just as is mentioned in the bible.

Exhale the air out of your lungs and hold it until you begin to feel the fear of death. It only takes a few seconds to do this. The emotion is the experience of a belief. Fear, because it is a disturbing/painful emotion, is false beliefs. False beliefs is what satan is. Convert the belief into truth and it becomes pleasurable and through truth you can connect to your own god body, which is the part of your consciousness that that creates images in your imagination with your will, and the result is immortality where the energy experienced in that, which feels much like an orgasm, is the waters of everlasting life that makes one live forever, physically. The conversion process is what Jesus called repenting, but Christianity slanders it by making it about moral decisions, which is a lie, which is a satanic belief. This is part of what I teach in my church. And because every problem on earth is caused by people acting upon their belief system I know how to solve literally every problem on earth. That’s the reason why I created a church and its information does not come from any human source, history, books, religion, or google.

The strangest thing is that even though I do the same works as Jesus, which makes me A messiah, I find Christians to be some of the most demonically hateful people I’ve ever come across. They have zero faith and all pride. Everything that isn’t part of their satanic religion is believed to be satanic, even a messiah who can save lives is satanic to Christians, and that reveals their true nature.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

You might be a bit confused. Unbelieving is just not believing. Agnostics are ambivalent. Maybe Jesus is King Kahoona, maybe not. Atheists reject God and Jesus. So you’re saying people who both do not really care either way and those who are sure God doesn’t exist are all on the same luge down into the pits of hell?



I saw Trump in my toast. I think I will start to worship God Emperor Trump. btw, I’m putting the toast on ebay if anyone’s interested.


LOL that is a Total misconception, What THIS means and RELATES to as we are Literally.


@Paladin now that’s actually funny HAHAHAHAHH :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I have my moments :wink:


@Paladin actually after our whole fiasco, and seeing what’s happening with this thread, I’ve learned a valuable lesson I’d like to thank you for… I need to add statements like the one above and not be so forceful in presenting my views… So for what it’s worth, thank you for being opposition… And you too @Bingozee… Regardless of our differences, I’ve learned a thing or two :wink: