Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


Oh and I used this statement too :wink:


@Bingozee to @KJV, “I know the book you steal from.” Actually, Bingozee’s favorite word might be “Steal.” He loves to accuse everybody of stealing. He does the same things that they do, but when he does it, it’s call contributing. But when they do it, it’s called stealing. Talk about the hypocrisy.



PS: why are you Trolling this Thread, why not the “Bingozee” thread you created for that specifically, It’s sad really.


I would never begrudge you your right to believe in what you wish. I think you know how many Christian related/ Bible study threads there are on this forum and I’ve never trolled any of them. I really don’t have anything against Christians, as I’ve said before, the majority I believe are kind hearted and compassionate. I do have views on religion, and perhaps they offend people that take them personally, but I would argue as vigorously if this forum were full of Muslims.

We can all be abrasive in our deliveries. I certainly get fed up at times. Just hoping the mods haven’t abandoned their posts so things can remain as peaceful as possible asap. The point is, as others and you and me have pointed out, the infighting, and taking others out of context (not naming names, but we all know) does have to stop. I think we can all agree on that.


X. Can someone please tell me where this is going ???
XX. I see a lot of trained up evil out there with propaganda, money, training in the field and we are walking in with water balloons.

  1. Ok, looks good here like you all know how to run your machines in God’s road rally.
  2. Yall know who are in you pit crew ?
    A.1 who is on your radio, got your road gear?
    A.2 always beatin down a path every time you can?
    B1. know your course and where and when to lite up?


I know that was funny.


Where do you want to Go? :slight_smile:


V. I know where leftties are and what they stand for and
what their world view is so I don’t want to go there.
V.I. Since I just read the Constitution, I am all on board with that being the document that gives sane human beings that understand their God and that they may accept all the Freedoms given to live on this planet as Creator wishes us.
V.I.I Since there are people that wish to deny Americans the right to the freedoms we founded our country on and thrived with for 200+ years, they deserve to be defeated. I am for that charge.


I honestly think everyone is running thru a cycle of pent up agitation. There is soooooo much going on right now with our country and the world. We are all trying to get our bearings and we all know the sh** is about to hit the fan. We just gotta stop taking it out on each other and focus, cause our real enemy is about to come on the stage… It’s only a matter of time at this point… I’d much rather have all of you on my side in this fight then stand alone against the crazy MFS out there killing babies and cheering for socialism!!! Seriously… :disappointed: Definitely not looking forward to the crazy Russians and Chinese that could be coming our way either :thinking:



So what’s your point other than to floor us with your photo markup talent?


Considering that your religion is to BELIEVE that you can’t know ultimate truth in your current condition, I can see your demonstration of this belief by your current condition being you’re too undeveloped (i.e., stupid) to decipher the purpose of my post, with arrows, mind you. Instead, I’ll point out the irony and subsequent stupidity in asking me to point out ULTIMATE TRUTH that’s beyond your comprehension.


I’ve renounced agnosticism. Why are you still accusing me of being an agnostic, when I have clearly renounced it? You yourself told me the only possible way to live without belief would be to renounce agnosticism, and I have. Yet because you cannot admit that you have lost, because you have no argument for someone who you cannot label, you call me stupid. But you, sir, have demonstrated your stupidity brilliantly in claiming that as a cult leader, you actually know what every other religion doesn’t. You’ve claimed you have the answers to all the world’s problems, a Messiah no less with knowledge of ultimate truth (for a small monthly fee of course) yet you are a nobody.

Please, go back to your compound and preach to your flock of naive acolytes. This forum is too intelligent to swallow your kool-aid.


I know this was not Directed at me but…LOLOLOL… Sorry. Excuses me, I couldn’t hold that one in… and I can only “SPEAK” of what I witness or have witnessed.

@Troy First you claim to offer THE enlightenment and continue to say we are TO Stupid to acknowledge your supreme Ego and it’s perceived intellectualism but that which is nothing more then the works of a HYPOCRITE and HIS

Sorry @Troy I am still waiting… and By my view you are not only arrogant but also ignorant but I OFFER you the opportunity to Provide something that may have me think or even belief Otherwise… Just silly!..and I have NO respect for Hypocrites, fanatics or Trolls, your church is waiting so I digress and leave ya to it… Enjoy.

Still something IMPOSSIBLE if not Ridding or leaching on to the Back of the HUMAN and our HUMANITY, Man and his Religions the Plague!

PS: I am not saying your belief is hypocritical as I have not reviewed it entirely, I am saying your “Comments” made here are.

Some starter points I pulled from the top of the hat.


Palidin does seem to know the bible well. Also he has a Trac record of logical thought. This is the stuff of good debate.


@Bingozee, do you mean too stupid? Why do write TO Stupid?

Me Against The World
Deep Thoughts From Stars Apart

You are pretty funny. When is your next book coming out?


My next book should drop around youl, it’s called “who christmassed on my youl log?”


Because there a levels to stupidity.

Stupidity is a lack of “intelligence”, “understanding”, “reason”, “wit”, or “common sense”. Stupidity may be innate, assumed or reactive.

Some “stupid” people have all of these traits or only a few, therefore context matters, resulting in “a little bit stupid”, “stupid”, “and very stupid”.

Even though I say this somewhat sarcastically however it also dictates how one may respond to someone who is stupid, such as some may respond to a person who is “a little stupid” differently than a person who is “Very stupid”.



Why do you put your commas on the outside of quotation marks? You could write, for example, “Who are you?” Instead, you would write, “how are you”? Why do you do that?