Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


@Bingozee, what you’re doing is what is called enslaving a lord. First, you make an uneducated assumption about me and then expect me to correct you under the pretenses that if I don’t then you will continue to assume the falsehoods. “By my view you are not only arrogant but also ignorant but I OFFER you the opportunity to Provide something that may have me think or even belief Otherwise.” That’s exactly what you’re doing. And because I did not answer your question that you deleted on the other thread the other day you went completely insane and engaged one of the biggest internet tantrum I ever seen accusing me of things falsely with a huge dose of hate.

So what you’re saying is I get the opportunity to prove myself to your doubt, which is a false belief that I’m something that I’m not. So who is doing the asking or offering? The answer, because a false belief is satan, is satan is the one doing the asking and it cannot accept truth no matter what. As long as you state specific criteria that serves only what you want, then it will never happen because messiahs do not serve satan or satanists.

“I OFFER you the opportunity to Provide something that may have me think or even belief Otherwise.” If you want to believe in the truth of what I’m doing or what I’m about then get involved in what I am offering. I have a website. I am offering “ something” on there. Use it. Click here. There is the something that would you have you think or believe otherwise. If you don’t want it then don’t be surprised if I’m not interested in your ‘offer’. Jesus said if you want to enter the kingdom of god, which means to learn from a messiah/god, you’ll need to become like children. Children are, if they’re not insane, humble, hunger truth and experience, are willing to try new things for the sake of experience, and can accept leadership. If you want to learn from a messiah then you’re going to need to put away the false judgments and become like a child. If you don’t then you only screw yourself over by denying yourself the benefits of learning.

One thing you may want to consider is what a messiah king does in their kingdom. They love those who are dedicated to the mission by helping them and that constitutes ruling UNDER others, not by force, but the power and glory of truth. Under refers to empowering others and they respect that and will follow because of the benefit of receiving that love.

Outside the church/kingdom, what most people experience, people who do not want to be part of the mission and experience that love are for the most part demons or complacent individuals, are interactions that are rarely ever pleasant. These people almost always project their psychology onto a messiah assuming what they themselves are doing (e.g., condescension, arrogance, judging satanically, etc). Paladin was being facetious. That’s the language he speaks, so I spoke the same. What do you suppose people thought of Jesus when he stated truths like calling people vipers or hypocrites or even what he said in Matthew 25:41, “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” You can better believe there were people who believed Jesus was an arrogant, condescending, and judgmental son of a bitch and a prick! Whether your experience of a messiah is going to be good or bad depends on which side of the line you’re standing on – the side of god, life and truth or satan, death, and lies.

P.S. One of the reasons why I didn’t answer your question the other day is because you deleted it! You changed your post about three times and they were not little typo corrections either.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

Because each different in ways then the other. As mentioned some people have all these traits and some only a few.

The word stupid encompass them all “generally”, but it comprised of all or one of these traits in accordance with which manor the word stupid is used and its reason, thus context.

Dig a little deeper…

I generally prefer ignorant as it was not me who said it, I was “quoting”, someone who has.

I have tried answering a question, the rest is up to you and lastly, I very seldom call someone stupid, rather I am more inclined to call Something stupid, people are ignorant.

PS: @JoeyArnoldVN because you’re questions do not relate to the topic, nor do my answer to them, I would ask and suggest, you ask them in the “Bingozee” thread YOU created rather than here, I am sure that would be appreciated, also thought to mention, your welcome to ask questions anytime via the messaging feature of this site.





Your a salesman? And a messiah, must be hard living you life dude, still won’t be attending you cult or church, whatever you call it, and most definitely would not sell you a dime.

I can appreciate your post as you gave some time while attempting to answering my question in a roundabout way and very carefully but I clicked that link and understood 100%, I received the enlightenment neccessary for free… thanks…


Known suicides
Peoples Temple (1978)Edit
Main article: Jonestown

On November 18, 1978, 918 Americans died in Peoples Temple–related incidents, including 909 members of the Temple, led by Jim Jones, in Jonestown, Guyana.[15] The dead included 276 children. A tape of the Temple’s final meeting in a Jonestown pavilion contains repeated discussions of the group committing “revolutionary suicide”, including reference to people taking the poison and the vats to be used.[16]

On that tape, Jones tells Temple members that Russia, with whom the Temple had been negotiating a potential exodus for months, would not take them after the Temple had murdered Member of Congress Leo Ryan, NBC reporter Don Harris and three others at a nearby airstrip.[16] When members apparently cried, Jones counseled “Stop this hysterics. This is not the way for people who are Socialists or Communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity.”[16] At the end of the tape, Jones concludes: “We didn’t commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.”[16]

The people in Jonestown died of an apparent cyanide poisoning, except for Jones (injury consistent with self-inflicted gunshot wound) and his personal nurse.[17] The Temple had spoken of committing “revolutionary suicide” in prior instances, and members had previously drunk what Jones told them was poison at least once before, but the “Flavor Aid” drink they ingested contained no poison.[18] Concurrently, four other members died in the Temple’s headquarters in Georgetown. Four months later, Michael Prokes, one of the initial survivors, also committed suicide.[19]
Solar Temple (1994–97)Edit

From 1994 to 1997, the Order of the Solar Temple’s members began a series of mass suicides, which led to roughly 74 deaths. Farewell letters were left by members, stating that they believed their deaths would be an escape from the “hypocrisies and oppression of this world.” Added to this they felt they were “moving on to Sirius.” Records seized by the Quebec police showed that some members had personally donated over $1 million to the group’s leader, Joseph Di Mambro.

There was also another attempted mass suicide of the remaining members, which was thwarted in the late 1990s. All the suicide/murders and attempts occurred around the dates of the equinoxes and solstices, which likely held some relation to the beliefs of the group.[20][21][22][23][24]
Heaven’s Gate (1997)Edit

From March 24th to the 27th, 1997, 39 followers of Heaven’s Gate died in a mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California, which borders San Diego to the north. These people believed, according to the teachings of their group, that through their suicides they were “exiting their human vessels” so that their souls could go on a journey aboard a spaceship they believed to be following comet Hale–Bopp.[25] Some male members of the group underwent voluntary castration in preparation for the genderless life they believed awaited them after the suicide.[26]

In May 1997, two Heaven’s Gate members who had not been present for the mass suicide attempted suicide, one succeeding, the other becoming comatose for two days and then recovering.[27] In February 1998, the survivor, Chuck Humphrey, committed suicide.[28]
Adam HouseEdit

In 2007, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, a family of 9, all members of a novel “Adam’s cult”, committed mass suicide by hurling themselves onto a train.[29][30] Although the Daily Mail initially reported that they were victimized for converting to Christianity,[31] diaries recovered from the victims’ home, “Adam House”, related they wanted a pure life as lived by Adam and Eve, freeing themselves from bondage to any religion and refused contact with any outsiders.[30] After leaving Islam, they did not partake in Christian ceremonies and they even used to worship Kali sometimes, practically out of boundaries of any particular religion



This is like battle of the intellectual “Titans” …



Infocomms Highlights

This is for @Troy and @Bingozee and @Paladin :wink:

A Prophecy

Asking Alexandria

How stubborn are the scars when they won’t fade away?
Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days?

We’ll be home soon, so dry your eyes
You’ll be okay,
You’ll be okay

Oh my God
The water is rising, its rising
You just have to believe in me
Failing that I’ll ride this storm alone
We can still make it out

I can help you through this
But you have to take my hand
I can take you home
Take my hand
Take my hand

I should’ve known the tides are getting higher
We can still survive
They think we’re drowning
But our heads are still above the waves
Above the waves

I should’ve known the tides are getting higher
We can still survive
Above the waves
I should’ve known the tides are getting higher
I should’ve known the tides are getting higher
We can still survive

You never said goodbye (Goodbye)
You never said goodbye (Goodbye)
You never said goodbye (Goodbye)
You never said goodbye (Goodbye)
And now your on your own

You never said goodbye
You never said goodbye

Infocomms Highlights

@MamaPotato I have asked you not to address me in your posts, I will ask once again politely. Do not include me in any of your posts.

I have no respect for fanatics, hypocrites, or trolls, I admit I give leniency to @JoeyArnoldVN because of his special circumstanc and my empathy.

I am not interested in anything you have to offer, so please exclude me from it, I would appreciate this simple thing also consider I have not addressed you accept now for this reason, and have no Intention to do so otherwise.

Mama potato has to many faces for me…

Thank you.



Lighten up already…Life’s too short to be so miserable…I have the feeling you will never see your own shortcomings until its wayyyyy tooo late…plus you spend wayyyy too much time pointing out others faults…oh well…C’est La Vie…


I will accept that as a yes, I can appreciate, thank you again.


@Bingozee, why are you always lying to people?

Me Against The World
Deep Thoughts From Stars Apart


Such nonsense @JoeyArnoldVN I wonder how long you will continue. I am sure you take things personally, I apologize that you do, however let me say this on my own behalf, I am not against you or your spamming, I condemn your abuse and profanities of these members and this community…

I WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR spamming of this thread futher.

You are welcome to take it to any of the following threads as there all regards to you.

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Hi can we all agree with the following proposition?-

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


@Bingozee, it is free. I have addressed the issue of money on the FAQ page of my website being that many pull the “you’re doing this for money” card. I don’t do what I do for money nor do I receive an income from it.

One thing to realize is that a real church and kingdom do not save individuals. Their mission is to save the world. The only people who can save the world are the people who care about all people everywhere. People who care about all others, give. People who give, care about all others. The reason people join my church/kingdom is they care about the world and want to do their part in saving it. To save it people must change themselves into the solution, an immortal. The only people who can become immortals are people who care about others selflessly. If you care, then you will give. If you don’t care you won’t and that means you cannot become an immortal. Wasting time teaching the selfish who will only use your time and info to attack and argue is not the mission of the church/kingdom.

Because a real church and kingdom is an activist mission in truth, to operate within the construct of an economically enslaved society, like America’s Capitalism, one must have money to have the freedom to operate and do this work. In America, money is freedom. No money, no freedom. If you do this work you’ll need land, resources, and to pay the satanic thugs who will grant you freedom if you let them rob you, the government and IRS. They are the ones who want money.

In the kingdom of god, everyone gives. It’s not a one way street. It’s a two way. Each gives what they have to each other and the kingdom to accomplish the mission. Because of the above facts about the reality of the success of a real church and kingdom within an economically enslaved society, I expect people to give/donate a minimum amount. If you don’t want to give the minimum donation then that’s a message, loud and clear, that you value money more than anything the church is doing, that they are not at one with the mission to save the world. They would burden the church with their satanic nature. They need to stay out of the church for the same reason god kicks Satanists out of heaven. God will not raise satanic, evil children, and I will not guide and teach Satanists who hate life but are lovers of their own ego and everything that feeds it. Requiring a donation is a super easy way to separate the sheep from the goats.

People have no idea what a REAL church is. Judging one without experiencing it directly as being part of the church is foolish thing to do.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

It’s only short because you’re a satanist. If you cared about yourself enough to figure out life you’d have an eternity as an immortal, but you chose the path to destruction. Because you chose that path you just here playing like a child, having fun, and wasting other people’s time with your I don’t care so I’m going to screw off like an immature child attitude, not contributing.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

No. Yes. But you are addressing two things. First, America. But secondly, when you reference the IRS, you are not addressing America. The IRS, like the Federal Reserve, like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), like the United Nations (UN), like a lot of things, are globalist infiltration. That’s not America.




So, you don’t like money and you want all the money at the same time?


@Troy I am reading you Website… I would like to share equally. if your willing. You may find we agree on many things. however I will just leave it here, I updated it a bit…


Or Listen:

I will admit I have not completely Formatted the entirety of it, but am working on it, Much is a compilation of the Answers I have given to questions, or posts, or in other words, something happening Now.

I am not against peoples Belief, I do not agree as to why they believe and how what they believe has been manipulated for reason other then enlightenment.



Joey, the will of god is to grow up as a god. That’s the whole purpose of the universe. We are, on this planet, just the beginning of this process which is why we’re small and powerless. But if there is an obstacle to fulfilling this will of god then resolving the obstacle becomes part of the will of god. If you need land and resources to do the work and if money is required to access these things, then acquire it. That’s different than being lovers of money. This means I have no desire in my soul for power via the monetary system like a business person who wants to get rich. My desire is to overcome the obstacle to do the work, so you need to attain money to do that. By asking for money you are resolving this obstacle so that the will of god can be fulfilled and the world saved. A saved world would not have money in it at all. The point is I’m interested in attaining freedom to engage the mission of the church. That’s accomplished via money in a monetary system. That’s the only reason why I would ever ask for money.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

This simple equation also applies to our USA. We are either patriots or traitors now. Forget about the Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians.
God bless,