Breaking: Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire in Paris


This seems very unreal. :no_mouth:


GOD SAVE THE FRENCH PEOPLE! Protect the Gilets Jeunes who want FREEDOM!


There’s no way such a large fire like that was as a result of a renovation project…


Just doesn’t seem like Christian behavior to me.


Though I am not Catholic, that is truly heart-breaking to see. Close to 1,000 years of history, up in flames.


I know it’s just a building, but my soul is weeping. :sob:


Aha! The “real” reason behind the fire!!

Macron was set to hold a large press conference at the Elysee palace on Monday. The president was expected to unveil a set of measures for the country in response to the Yellow Vest protest, which have been rocking the country for the past few months.

I can see it now… Let’s create a crisis to divert the yellow vest attention…they will forget their protests!!


So basically you’re saying that the yellow vests are to blame for this? That’s more outlandish than the renovation accident.


It was a target just this past Friday…


Actually that happened in 2016… Friday was just the sentencing of her… Read your own article, even says it there.;_ylt=AwrUi2gP5bRc0WkAMRNEDN04;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--




The comment below includes some satire and some serious spiritual thoughts. I hope you hear my heart in warning others and appreciate your love of music very much!


Careful Billsey, if you keep posting Jesus stuff you will be labeled with a “religious disorder” by the paid psycho cracks who monitor Jesus talk and get scared when they hear too many people doing Jesus talk together. It might become a “moooooovement.” Why? Because, the more people talking about Jesus, debating God’s Word respectfully, talking about the GOOD and LIFE HONORING things (saving unborn babies and keeping women from combat zones for example) the more uncomfortable it gets for those who hate Christ. Some God haters will become violent beyond measure and attempt to physically hurt those who follow Jesus.

Therefore, we must stay non-violent no matter what! We cannot stoop to their level. Unfortunately, that includes language as well which I too must use caution to avoid hurting feelings with my words. Protect women and children, of course, if you absolutely have to but do not strike anyone or threaten anyone with violence. That is my way forward and will always be my way forward because it is JESUS’ WAY and I want to be faithful to Him above all else.


Why can’t I add three hearts to that admonition? :grinning:

My life verse, as told to me by a Christian friend (and which confirmed what God had told me Himself, in different terms, years before) is Jeremiah 1:5-9.

There was a reason he was called the weeping Prophet. :wink:


I have mourned so much for our country. I yearn for a peaceful solution to this mess but I know men will be men and women will be women in their darkest natures so I don’t have much faith in the human leaders but I know God can guide them:

Islamophobic image of 9/11. Will I be charged with a felony for painting this? Warning: GRAPHIC!



Wonderful… Muslims screaming Allah Akbar

Muslims celebrate Norte Dame blaze


Tragic. I’m still waiting for the “a man named Mohammad is now in custody following an investigation” ball to drop.

Someone said it’s insane to think the Yellow Vests did it however that movement seems to be possibly co-opted by anarchists, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone donning that outfit was a culprit.


Zark, this is a key point:

Angry mobs are always unpredictable. Best not to get in the mix but I understand that the common folk of France are under great oppression. I can only pray.