Burning Man Festival at Risk of Being Shut Down Over Attacks from Gov’t and Police State


Over the years, the Burning Man Festival has become one of the most popular events and party destinations in the US and has drawn roughly tens of thousands of people in recent years. Unfortunately, this celebration of love and harmony is an enemy to the rigid bureaucracy and control freaks in the state. Last year, as TFTP reported, law enforcement attempted to turn the event into a police state function with drug tests, random vehicle searches, and checkpoints. Now, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, the entire event is at risk of shutting down for good.


I have no problem with people making their art in the harmful desert environment under the influence of deadly drugs if that is what they choose to do but too many of these people are stealing kids to burning man. Parents are also neglecting kids to “party” and using art as the excuse. Saw one burning man “parent” help to steal kids and allow their kid to take a candy looking drug which made them have a censure.

Seems to me that stand down to anything burning man for over a decade has corrupted those that abuse the freedoms and responsibility they have to others. If our public was allowed to self police burning man, foreign citizens here illegally, foster frauds, child stealing social workers, Sandy Hook, and the rest, we would but the police state keeps us from this.


The “spiritual” nature of Burning Man has birthed a blanket openness and acceptance to all kinds of behavior. While radical acceptance and self-expression gives the thought of a loving and open society the practicality of this has caused serious problems. The party atmosphere along with a lack of moral structure at Burning Man frequently leads to rapes, fights, and thefts from break-ins to vehicles and campsites. Rape on the playa as become so prevalent that a pamphlet about what to do if confronted by a rapist has been handed out by the Greeters to everyone when entering the playa.

Perhaps if it weren’t a drug induced demon channeling rape fest the police would probably have no reason to respond to its ignorance. Might as well call it burning in hell fest. Imagine people playing badminton and sipping on lemonaids, there would be no reason for police or the law to descend on the scene.


It’s like a modern day Bohemian Grove for the kids and celebrities imo.


Those who “party” off the Bohemian Highway tend to also brag about their “parties” at burning man. One of the vapor brothers near Occidental brags about enforcement standing down to his drinking and driving when he hits trees and poles and attends burning man each year but never attempts contact with the mother of his kids. Burning man is done by drug induced neglect from what I have seen but the events at Bohemian Grove were intentional. Was not aware of the rape problems. Many who have been doing the burning man thing since the beginning also profess they are “evil.”


The drugs are the least horrible part of their hippy bullshit, the rest is completely horrible. Nobody should have to go to a lawless morass of anti-social criminal behavior to use substances… or to have a drink.


I see many “tail gate” parties in the middle of nowhere red states that get out of control with drinking and behavior but no where near the amount of child abuse as seen at burning man.


Just make a rule “no kids allowed at festival” then let the druggies go crazy! That’s what it’s all about “the drugs”. The drug peeps always try to rationalize their behavior. You take the drugs from the festival maybe 5 people show up. There is no love at that place. You don’t love the people you sell x and tabs to. Deep down you know it’s true. They don’t even play music anymore just electronic sounds. I used to be one of these people but never liked the rave seen I like METAL I still like metal but they shut livestock down years ago there used to be a 72 hour rave tent in the middle of all the metal madness let the drugs go smoke pot if ya got to and get on some suppliments from AJ. PEACE


I’m not talking about cannabis. I am talking about drugs that can kill you in the first few doses.

I think the point is that there are already California state laws for the Burning Man location but they have not been enforced but now they are completely opened up and complaining that cops are enforcing at least some laws.


All substances can potentially kill you, however they don’t just randomly kill you on the first dose. Dying requires consuming multiple doses, mixing substances, or having unknown physical weaknesses. This type of fear mongering, combined with progressive paternalism, is extremely detrimental and has worse societal consequences than the drugs.

This is not to say they are safe, nor that doing them is a good idea, because I’d certainly recommend all psychoactive substances be avoided if at all possible.

I’d also strongly recommend against a party lifestyle, but having these existing in a lawless underground is horrible. The substances need to be legalized, and structure needs to be built to keep all of us protected from dangerous criminals.

If you asking why you’re lacking broad support for proper law enforcement, you need to look at what laws are fatally undermining order’s connection to the citizenry. I’m not OK with locking up people for a lifestyle, and more importantly the majority will become everyday citizens with families. The party lifestyle is awful for everyone who attempts it, and they will realize this anyway. The only people who remain are so messed up, that they cannot ever be fixed by anything anyone else could do. The drugs are not an inherent threat to social order, in the way progressives said a hundred years ago to get more power. We are pissing away our tax money, and flooding cartels with money that should have stayed in America.

I want order restored, I want the rule of law applied equally, I also want institutions that are not corrupted in ways that subvert their entire purpose. I don’t want our cities to be war zones, I don’t want powerful gangs that everyone has to deal with, because this itself is a greater threat to the rule of law. Prohibition makes all those things impossible, it was promoted by progressive elitists for a reason.


Foxglove can kill you in the first dose. Heart attack.

It is really hard to kill yourself with well cooked healthy wild mushrooms.

I use turmeric by mouth and I take BodEase daily but a San Diego “doctor” just injected a family friend with turmeric and she died after the first dose.


I have preached a number of eclectic festivals, and they are nasty beyond belief. This is the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile/drug island…times one thousand! Further, it is IN THE USA where there are numerous laws (made by the majority of the public) against destructive chemicals, crimes against nature, and indecency/exhibitionism/voyeurism. Aside from that, ALL of this activity is purposed to depart from the living God and have fellowship with devils. This may not be codified as law today, but at America’s 1620 inception, making a pact with the Devil was one of only five crimes punishable by death. I support all police enforcement against this disgusting and obscene forum for demonic sacraments. Finally, Burning Man is a psyop organized by foreign powers in conjunction with subversive domestic fifth columnists that should be prosecuted for their treason beyond their public indecency! Away, violent anarchists! You know not what spirit ye are of, and what freedom is…nor what ever made America great.


I just want people paid with my taxes to serve and protect us. Enforce the laws we already have.

If you are abducting a child to burning man, even if you are the other parent, you should be arrested under California penal code 278.5 If you are abducting a child to chucky cheese, you should be arrested under CA penal code 278.5. 99% of cops in California will just say they are not aware of the penal codes and will just allow the abductions and abuse to happen. When the arrest is made, do not sell the child to a foster fraud to abuse them more, instead return them to the biological parent(s) the child abductor stole them from.




The “Brazilian Authorities” abduct kids with fraud marriages to parental child abductors, then when the abductor dies giving child birth again, they still keep the stolen US citizen child for further abuse.


The Burning Man child abductions are done in malice but the child abuse observed there is mostly seen through neglect.


Here is an example. Burning Man every year since it started and brings real pedophiles in the RV with him.

This guy literally lives with pedophiles for help with rent.
Teen porn daily.
Never wants marriage but loves sex with as many as possible.
Literally owns a website for over a decade called “______ . com”
Seen selling hard deadly drugs to kids at most events.
Misuses the court system to make false claims on others for exposing the truth about his harm.
Scams people with his “computer skills.”
Brags about spending over $5000 each year for a week of hard drugs at burning man.

“Dj____ () - Just a little ____ ;-)”

Talks about impoverished children while he literally profiteers off selling kids date rape drugs:

“All proceeds go to Human Translation’s project in Cambodia to educate impoverished children, and provide clean drinking water.”



This is bullshit these replies.

Either you believe in America and liberty or you don’t .


Burning Man loves free speech as long as it is only their supporters do it.

Sorry, no liberty to steal and rape our kids at burning man. 14th Maybe those who want to stop it need the liberty from the police state since the police can’t do their job and end the criminal behavior.


WTF ???

No one is stealing kids.

Its about doing Acid and crazy art and shit.