Burning Man Festival at Risk of Being Shut Down Over Attacks from Gov’t and Police State




You want more names and addresses of the child abusers at burning man?

Here is another:

_________ likes to go to burning man for years and assist in the abduction of kids with foreign citizens near Los Angeles. She then takes the kids in RVs that she rents with her Mexican husband _____ to desolate locations like burning man and does illegal and potentially deadly psychedelic related drugs with the kids and other “families” who are doing the same. She is the head of marketing for _______.

I don’t know about the rape stuff at burning man. It is the other poster with the rape reporting. I can give you about 20 more child abductors that bring the stolen kids to burning man while cops stand down for a decade if you need more specifics. I reported them every year for years but enforcement did nothing. Sounds like they are doing something now but it seems to just be lip service while we are pulled from our homes at 5 a.m. with CNN in our driveway.

The Eiffel tower looks pretty neat at sunset too but I am not letting my neighbors take our kids to France with harmful hard drugs, no enforcement, and 1000s of others on the party train.


“They are >my< kids Judge. I can take them to burning man if I want. The other parent should not get a say in weather or not I get to take my kid to do acid at burning man.” Says the parental child abductor


Foxglove is a toxin, it is a poison, people would only take that trying to die. I strongly recommend people don’t experiment with anything, because nothing is safe, none of us want nor demanded a state that protects us from our own will.


Protecting people from their own will isn’t what made America great either, it’s what turned it to a totalitarian nightmare. I don’t want a state enforcing anything beyond what is required to maintain social stability, this nation wasn’t built on the totalizing government social democrats and progressives have constructed for us,

What you are doing is holding us all hostage, you are saying,

“unless you tolerate me enforcing things I want, without regard to the cost and/or benefits, I will refuse to enforce the things we unquestioningly need to maintain social stability.”


No, Foxglove is also used by real doctors to save lives in heart surgery.


Don’t know what to tell you man, don’t take any substances or practice medicine unless you are prepared to be accountable for any consequences.


No need to tell me anything @cyberpunkspike . My concern with drugs at burning man are with the people who are not interested in using them for health. In fact there is an entire industry of expensive products that are said to help “cure” them of the drugs they took at burning man. Problem is, a kid picks up a dose when their child abductor is neglecting them under the influence and the child dies. I am not prepared for that consequence with out even saying or >doing< anything about it especially since the cops are not doing anything about it.


Maybe you should end prohibition so we can get the broad support necessary to enforce the laws? If you lack the support, the state isn’t reflecting the will the nation, and you created the problem you claim to be concerned about.

When you ask the state to do “a little extra”, it undermines its ability to do what we actually need.


Have you ever been there? If not, you should go. See if you still consider yourself an American citizen afterwards. From everything I have seen, the majority of the people that go there a communist sympathizing hippies, and homosexual propagandists. I won’t defend it. Nor would I defend what happened at Woodstock. Both are more akin to anti american value propaganda tools. The hippy culture in California is one of the leading contributors to the Socialist, and Communist movements that have taken hold in America.


Everything is my fault but…

Say your wife divorced you and took off with her new romantic partner and your kids to burning man with $5000 of drugs. She has a California court order to not even tell you where they are going with your stolen kids because she is scared of your gun that you learned to use in the military.

You can’t go save your kid because you will be the one arrested.

Cops will not save your kid because people at burning man are somehow exempt from all moral laws so they can sell acid with art.


Listen man I’m not defending their hippy bullshit, but this is what we’re going to get unless we bring the black market in the light of law.


I don’t want the state enforcing moral laws, I want the state enforcing laws necessary to maintain social stability, and laws protecting liberty. Many of those overlap with what most people consider moral, but some might not, as it should have always had been.


Why? What did I miss exactly? Are you wanting the ability to get drugs without breaking the law or something?


Wanting the ability? I want the rule of law to have the broad support necessary to not be rolled back. I don’t consume any substances, and it has nothing to do with legality, I don’t drink either.


What was your point then. Break it down for us. We apparently need the help since you don’t agree with anything being posted.


I don’t either. They don’t do it but if you do it, you are a vigilante and put in jail for years.

In this case most would would suggest police do it because a left behind father might actually end it for the child abductors and cause more parental loss. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Seal_Beach_shooting


My point is that you are unable to maintain the rule of law, BECAUSE of a hundred year old progressive power grab. That fact that you don’t yourself want it gone, exposes the costs you are willing to pay to maintain a giant scam.


Thanks for forcing stupid young people into harms way for no reason. Your a globalist, and a jackass.


How am I doing this? Oh wait, I want kids to be with their parents and making decisions in their lives so that must be harmful. That must make me a globalist jackass because I don’t want kids to be in harms way at burning man.