Burning Man Festival at Risk of Being Shut Down Over Attacks from Gov’t and Police State

  1. You’re a globalist because you always defend their interests in every comment you make, to be fair here you’re just mostly being crooked it isn’t globalist specific this time.

  2. You’re a jackass because you know you’re creating a crisis to justify the power you’re demanding, you have intentionally allowed a lawless zone to exist within our society, because you find it somehow better than the only sustainable alternative.

  3. You don’t give two shits about kids, you care about colluding with drug lords to extract as much off the books money as possible for the deep state.


??? It is in the globalist interest to create unrest by allowing kids to be on hard drugs at burning man. This creates problems for families and unrest.

How have I allowed a “lawless zone” – I am not that powerful.

What? How am I doing this? Spike, you might be thinking of someone else. The drug lords profiteer off events like burning man but the real profiteers are those that sell the kids in excess of six figures.


It is more in the globalist interest to get almost unlimited funding from trans-national cartels.

Why the hell would you ever allow something few people want, to destroy the legitimacy and popular support law enforcement needs? This is in the globalist interests also, BTW.

Most people do not choose intoxication, we have important things to be doing, and we are capable of knowing it. That’s how America was until the progressive era.


I did not destroy their “legitimacy” – they did that on their own.

Please mention at least one example so I know what you mean and mention how I am supporting this cartel.

At burning man? Have you been there? They have hydration centers because so many people are loosing water from over intoxication.


We only have a party in the desert because we have prohibition, we only have this problem because policies we don’t need nor benefit from beyond the costs exist.

How does prohibition help the deep state, how does it flood organized crime with money? This isn’t a question, you are not serious.

I don’t care about hippies, the stupid ways they harm themselves. Anyone who isn’t completely screwed up will choose a functional life on their own.


@cyberpunkspike <- fake news


OK pal, Why do you want the UK to remain in the EU again?


Don’t care @cyberpunkspike fake news. #AmericaFirst


Your version of America first always seems to put America last, and puts American nationalists in the weakest possible political positions. There would be no disagreement if what you meant by America first actually put us first.


Two Problems.

  1. Police State is a problem.
  2. Burning Man is dangerous.

I would rather have Burning Man than 1930’s Style German Government in America telling us what we can and cannot do. I believe in freedom which means the freedom to do bad, to kill, to steal, to rape, and hate speech and terrorism and calls to acts of violence and all the seven deadly sins and everything.

When police step in to stop pre-crime, then that becomes 1984. Now, however, police should go after criminals.

So, police should go after traffickers, murderers, robbers, individually. So, if they just so happen to find these bad guys at Burning Man, then go get them and lock them up and try them in a court of law.

But please don’t 1984 America with internal borders even as we are destroying our external national borders. There are too many illegal searches that police force onto the general public at houses, airports, highways, schools, etc. All of that should be on the external walls and less on the inside internal walls. We should be allowed to do bad. And then after we do bad, then police should throw us in jail. Because that is called the consequences for our actions, good or bad. But we should be allowed to do good and bad.

Freedom For the Good & the Bad

  1. Don’t stop Burning Man.
  2. Don’t stop prayer in schools, etc.

Simple. Freedom for the good people and the bad people as we are all good and bad sometimes, haha, right?


The problem this thread suggests is that Burning Man is being inappropriately targeted by our government services like police.

The real problem is that what many people do at Burning Man is seriously illegal, not just dangerous, and since enforcement has been standing down to the real criminal behavior for so many years during Obama it feels like a “police state” even though they are just now starting to enforce the real laws. Burning Man marketing every year puts out this kind of “we are the victim” thing and their participants do the same thing. Another Burning Man leader of sorts stole $2000 from me personally and when I did not give him an extra $600 of the $2000 he stole, he played victim to the courts because he knew I would settle instead of waste thousands in my time with his false claims.


@AOC, I support going after criminals but how is the question. I would rather go after individual criminals, one at a time or on a case by case basis as opposed to just trying to segregate possible criminals. Of course, criminals go there. But we should NOT create additional prohibitions and other things just to pretend to go after criminals while not really going after criminals. It’s like making murder illegal which is silly as it is already illegal. It’s like banning guns in Chicago which they already did.

@AOC, yes, we should go after robbers, people who steal money and people and other things. But do we really want to ruin it for the rest of us? If a person steals from a store, then do we go after the store or the person? Burning Man is a symptom of a lot of problems but it’s not the source of the darkness in our original oatmeal hearts.


The criminal justice system is another problem, too.


@joey I’m not saying shut it down. I am saying, at least to begin with, enforce laws in the state of California for burning man in this case. Enforce the real ones like CA penal code 278.5 and return the kids to both biological parents. Enforce the laws when foreign citizens break them and don’t just give them a free trip home on our taxes. If cops will not enforce them, let us enforce them and save our children with out threats of years in jail. The local cops there have looked the other way for years with burning man because there are corrupted powerful people who “enjoy” it. Child stealing is very common and observed at desolate events in California. Bohemian Grove? SCHEIDECK MUSIC FEST? Plenty of others to mention.

This is just marking for burning man like, “Don’t hurt us… let us drug your stolen kids in peace. We just have art and acid.”


Another problem is the Children Protection Services (CPS) who almost stole away me and my siblings away from our parents in Oregon in the 1980’s. It’s possible for CPS to take the kids away from the biological parents while saying falsely that the parents were negligent, etc, etc, as it is their fault that the parents allowed the bad guys to steal them away to Burning Man in the first place. I say falsely as that may not be true but CPS has torn families apart. So, that’s another issue that Americans run into. Oh, negligent is hard to say but I think I can say it now.


You are right but 99% of the time with the cases I am speaking of, the woman divorces the man, steals the kids “legally” with a court order, then wants some free hard drugs from her new romantic partner so the father never even knows his child is being raped on drugs at burning man by the new boyfriend.


Which brings up another problem which is kind of related, the corrosion of traditional family values which created divorces, etc, and Stefan Molyneux talks a lot about these things and yeah I agree that we should always try to raise awareness of the laws we already have that should be enforced more, generally speaking as laws can help and has helped in some cases or maybe even in many cases.


In terms of the CPS thing. Problem with sending CPS to burning man is that they will just steal the kids from the parental child abductor, use drugs and neglect as the excuse, but never return the child to their other parent and instead will sell them off to a foster fraud foreign citizen that your federal taxes pay for each additional stolen kid.


CPS is almost as bad as the IRS.


CPS is worse. IRS does not have tax payer funded child psychologist “doctors” from a .com university in your public funded schools assisting in child abductions leading to death. IRS does not kill 100 stolen kids in their care from each state per year.