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I’m in California, let’s stay in touch!


Apple Valley,California here.


Orange County here
Thanks and God Bless you all for joining our community.


Hello all,

It’s great to see a group for God-loving, Patriotic Californians; believe it or not, we’re not all Socialists! Perhaps we can set up some events in the future, who knows, we may be able to wake up some people over here.


Amen! Thanks for joining.


Long Beach Here!

Let’s do this.

Fema Region (9) Baby!!


Right on! Welcome
I think the reality is there are way more Californians for Trump than people think.
Hollywood, Sacramento, and San Francisco ruin it for all us


Good To Have…

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Wow, that is incredibly useful. Thank you!


You will be blown away what you read going deep down rabbit holes.
I read the actual writing from Comey about his meeting with Our Amazing President at Trump Tower…it was unreal to read word for word what (Comey says) they discussed!
Enjoy digging :+1::us:


Sweet. I’m in L.A. Is the group going to get a lot bigger? I hope so.


We all do too, there are alot of us…this is day 1…
Here is the link to share


Cool, IM in LA Too! I made a general discussion post for those in the LA Area! Lets all stay connected! :laughing::raised_hands::100:


Exactly!!! :raised_hands::100:


South Orange County Laguna Hills in the place to be!



Lucerne Valley
High Desert Southern California


Gavin Newsom coming in… Its Over for CA. Honestly you know its true. I hate to text it but in the next round of years coming up, CA will be run so far down into the ground.


With God and Trump its never over for CA -
We hope all American states get better and succeed in here.


I’m in Borrego Springs California