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My home town East County the Cajon Zone now all muslims !! makes me sick to my stomach - cant believe I’m stuck up in the armpit of central CA and miserable as hell ! hate it want to go back down south cant find anything to rent prop mgmt. companies burned me twice after I applied and paid application fees rented places out to first person to walk through the door with the dinero in hand even after I spent a week in the area to find a place etc… I am so pissed ! I cant just pick up and go to these places everytime something becomes available last place my cousin checked it out for me with the okay from prop mgmt. company sure as sh** they rented to the idiot who never came back the first time to complete the process so had me go through the process etc… geezus !! I wish everyone who isn’t from here go back to where they came from and take the illegals with you !! I am talking about the libturd leftist morons !! that’s half the problem ! too many damn people here !


Orange county (the still conservative holdout even though they rigged our county to go Dem)
Great to see active CA of like minds here
Many Blessings everyone!

Stay strong :muscle: :raised_hands: :pray:


I grew up mostly in La Mirada, .ca also lived in Downey. I owned a mobile home in Santa Ana, CA for 10 years. The Garden Grove area was really nice at one time. Anaheim and Santa Ana gangs everywhere. Traffic is terrible.


Its Stockton I’m trying to escape not so much San Diego where I am actually from born and raised - East County - cant find any decent rentals for one thing that I can afford since there’s such a housing crisis ! I hate these idiots they have ruined my home state I am so pissed !! Cant even afford to live in my own home state what a crock of SH** that’s why I call of these sh**heads LIBTURDS they recycle Waste/Sewer water and charge outrageously for it $40 sewer $30 service fee to process bill + fee for water I’ve never paid so much for water and utilities before in my life !! I have been trying and trying to get the hell out of Central CA not sure if I am going to stay in CA at all just wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do I am only on VA disability – social security denied my SSDI hearing judge in San Joser took out So help me God out ot oath that’s already happening here in CA !! the TURDS are trying to push it nationwide !! along with our motto 'One Nation Under God" I made some Nazi Pelosi - Brown stickers with a Swastika background saying ’ The Brown Shirts of CA ! now I’ll have to change it and put her soyboy nephew G. Newsom on there - Everyone needs to support Judical Watch they are investigating all the election fraud taking place that NAMBLA mbr *uckerberg is behind a lot of it too !! Pray for me i have no idea what to do




What’s the saying? “Incest is Best” ?!! well if the shoe fits right !!! ……

I worked for Dizzyland in Anaheim, leave and its a really scary place ! Anaheim is a bad area to live in most of L.A. and other major cities are unsafe now - sad cry:

I hope this is true !!! and he has or does pull their funding !!! stinking Gavin Nuisance !!!


Bill Maher says Fuck You to Red States.

Do it. Do it NOW.

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ALL TIED IN WITH BIG TECH IN SILICON VALLEY *UCKERBERG, GOOGLE which means "SOROS’ that’s a given - makes me sick to my stomach anyone know how to get ahold of OWEN SHROYER ? I need to ask him a VERY IMPORTANT question regarding Uranium One - thanks


1.5 MILLION fraudulent votes in Orange Co. which really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in CA considering that half of the 21 MILLION illegal aliens here in the U.S. are here in CA !! - and there’s no way of tracking them once they get their CA I.D. there should be a data base accessible by ICE and CBP and all L E authorities, they have so many different names and spell them so many different ways its insane !!! 30 different dudes will have the same name Jose Juan Martinez then the woman if their married takes on his last name on top of her maiden name so Juanita Lupita Ortega becomes Juanita Lupita Ortega Rodriguez and they will twist the names around just to confuse the system its bullshit !!! … I used to deport them I know … and they would come back over the border 10 - 15 times the same day this is San Ysidro POE - Tecate - Calexico - El Centro … prior to 911 San Diego Deportation deported the most illegals in the nation through Brownfield/San Ysidro POE (Port of Entry) and then that pieces of :poop: Obomba opened the flood gates wasting millions of tax payers dinero !!! its INSANE !! :rage: ( some govt employees like myself do/did actually take their jobs very seriously believe it or not )

the entire election process needs to be done the old way and leave/get BIG TECH’s fingers OUT !! or we have another :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: REVOLUTION !! :rage:


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I have noticed that a number of truly good folks that live in the OC believe that they are the last holdout of conservatives in the state of California. I would like to encourage you to research this. The truth is, I’m having a very hard time believing that the OC is. Northern and central have a large number of conservatives/libertarians. I have one major example, “The State of Jefferson.”


I have been in CALi for less than 6 months, in San Diego, i have yet to find a conservative patriot base to link up with, perhaps a few good people here, but they are far between and very much so outnumbered…Sometimes I wonder if fighting for California is a lost cause…¿thoughts?

“This We’ll Defend”




We are Alex Jones


California and all states are worth fighting for. The truth is, instead of looking for those with commonalities, go out and take a stand. Even if you are alone at first, you will not remain alone. I offer two thoughts. first, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and second, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” In order to find those with like minds, find something to get involved in. I hope this helps a little.


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Hi @RebelPatriot, I know how you feel. I live in the central valley and have also had a difficult time finding like-minded individuals. If it weren’t for my family, I don’t think I would have anyone (local) who I could talk too; it can be very frustrating. I sometimes believe that California is indeed, “…a lost cause”. However, I have done a little research on the politics/policies of other states, and I’m beginning to think that cutting my losses and leaving California may not be the answer. Many states are being heavily challenged by Leftist’s/Socialist politics, I mean, look at Texas! Even though it’s tempting, I think staying and fighting for our rights here in Cali’ will, in the long run, be a key factor in our success.

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San Diego? You can’t find any Marines? Retired or active?