Californians For Trump


In Temecula…all for this…:sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:



be careful of salmonella or what ever they recently discovered in some of the crops from Escondildo probably from Mexico - because their using human feces to fertilize everything now - I stick to the Hass Avocado’s hard to find good ones just like tomatoes


Nunes for Governor !! if we could take away all the illegal and harvested votes in CA I bet he’d stand half a chance - the coward leftist spineless thugs just have to have those illegal alien and have FAKEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, APPLE, YAHOO etc… election meddling and fraud to give them that EXTRA edge over REPUBLICANS oh yeah I forgot the Hollywierd morons like MORGAN FREEMAN WHO think we all a bunch of Nazi’s I will never watch another one of his movies I HOPE CANDACE OWENS opened a lot of the black DEMS eyes when she went off on that idiot the other day in Congress I am 100% behind her God Bless her and her Grandfather Good American Nationalist heroes each one of them !! I am a White Nationalist Female whose Father and Grandfather both fought Nazi Germany in both World Wars (its not funny but I have to laugh when they call U.S. Nazi’s I’m like really ?? go back into your cesspool and pull out Hitters copy of Mein Kampf (My Battle ) they came from the cesspool and we came from the genepool obviously !!

ONE OF THE SHERIFFS UP IN WA STATE SAID THEY CAN TRY TO TAKE AWAY OUR 2nd Amendment rights and yet they’ll allow my daughter to sign up to go into the military !! AWESOME POINT !! now the Tyranny’s /Tranny’s are allowed to serve OMG !! that’s that piece of crap OBOMBA its a deliberate attempt to weaken the structure and moral of our troops.


Hi my name is Bernadette I live in San Diego what part of Cali are you from


nunes for Governor, that’s one of the best ideas i have heard yet. I want him to run for POTUS in 2024 with jim jordan as his VP. The illegals, dead people and those that left the state all voting demon rat does make it hard for republicans. without them I think the dems would loose big time


I’m also in SanDiego.
(South Park)


Free speech rally May 3, 11am SF city hall. @adriennaUSA is organizing.


Hi sue nice to meet you


Northern CA here! Living in a lovely Sanctuary City.


Nice to meet you as well.


I love Avocados, you could send some to me lol.


Thanks for the heads up. How can I find Chris? Is he on infocomms? I’ve been out of town a lot on business lately but I’ll be back in town for the next few weeks. I’d love to meet some fellow infowarriors in my area.


Sure, I’m down. I’ve been out of town a lot on business lately but I’ll be back in town for the next few weeks. Are you free the weekend of the 27th?


That would be AMAZING!!!


I’d visit The Grape when Hans is playing for a “meet up” venue scouting @RenMan


Translation from Castilian (Spanish) to English “What is behind Communism”


Communist Party USA (Soviet Anthem In English)


The Vortex—Donald “Constantine” Trump?


California For Trump – This at at the “WOMENS CLUB” about an hour from Moorpark but it is for both men and women and is mostly family friendly. INFOWARS stickers on cars can be seen across the street.

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