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North County San Diego here !




I grew up camping at Carlsbad San Eliejo State Beach…so mellow. A great area!:+1::raised_hands::pray:


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San Diego here. I love Trump and Alex Jones and dank memes


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representing from Westminster OC ! much love to all cali people. 1776 in the 714 area!!


Clovis… Central Valley.


Escondido, CA

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God, my family, freedom, patriotism, peace, love, happiness, Trump, GOP, 2nd amendment, and my country!!!


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Oh I miss California! Texas just isn’t the same, regardless what people might say.




Monterey Bay, CA here.


I hate to start off all negative and stuff but, there are a lot of people talking bout the firestorms being geoengineered. There is a lot of evidence for this.

Lodi: present and accounted for.


Revival, restoration, liberty will come to California. Hang in there guys. Praying for you. See Kim Clement’s prophecies. He lived and died there. Prophecied many things concerning this specific state.

When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of God shall raise a standard against.

Jesus Christ is Lord


I agree that these fires are, in some way, man-made. My knowledge on geoengineering is lacking; is there a website that you recommend that would have information on this?


Thank you, and I hope you’re right. Honestly, my family and I were considering moving to West Virginia in the next few years due to Gavin Newsom becoming elected. The amount of control in the state can be ludicrous, and many residents are brainwashed. For example, we’re not allowed to burn in our fireplace on certain days (we don’t listen) and our neighbors, whom we have never had bad relations with, called the city on us.


Praying for California and your descision​:raised_hands::us::pray:


Geoengineering is generally about elite semi-clandestine government and scientific control of weather, climate, and other weather phenomena. It hides behind the climate change agenda. It is very unhealthy for humans, plants, and many animal species.

Governments and academia call it “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection”. Concerned citizens call it Chemtrails.

It is quite a study but it begins with patents filed many decades ago to seed clouds and steer weather systems. It has become part of the Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, global environmental agenda and it is a dark subject to concentrate on, be forewarned. It is NOT a conspiracy theory.

Google censors strongly in favor of the global socialist/communist view of weather modification but the officials are very shady and dodgy about discussing the subject.

My favorite website on the subject is:

Dane is a leader in trying to expose the truth of this form of terror but I would recommend reading about the history of weather modification first. Google, and therefore the entire web, strongly steers you to the government environmental web results but do notice the hardcore propaganda they have been pumping on the subject.

It is a UN level global control system. Much is scrubbed from the internet.
Chemtrails are most prevalent in areas where wind and breezes do not clean out the toxic clouds. Most of the global elite live, or can escape to, coastal breezy locations so many coastal people may have hardly noticed chemtrails. Take some time to learn about this and soak it in. Happy Thanksgiving,


I’m in Inland Empire in California