Californians For Trump


Thank you very much for all of this information! I have been meaning to educate myself on this but, to be frank, I didn’t know where to start.

If you need anything, feel free to send me a message and I’ll see what I can do.


:+1:Thank you
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Orange County

grew up in Lodi @BEL.Soldier



@DeplorableTodd this is fantastic


San Diego here …keeping close eye on border


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Make sure to thank Alex on
“Thank You Alex Jones”



My dad is from Los Angeles, California, if that counts.


oc warrior here happy to support if needed :+1:


Thanks Max
Where u around…Seal Beach/Huntington here​:+1::pray:


I’m in south Oc San clemente





Placerville, CA here!

I love God, family, country, and TRUMP! Pro 1a and 2a all the way! Thank you to the founders, and God, for creating the still most free country in the world!




These need to go up all over. Ya think Nancy Pelosi and Maxine are throwing fits and breaking down now. Wait till these start going up all over. 100 bucks says they crap themselves before it’s over if Californians for Trump get these on the streets!


Midnight Poster run!
I’m in.
Get someone to print Posters
Meet up spread out all over Hollywood & Sacramento.
Let’s do it!



High Desert, Lucerne Valley


A Buddy of mine was trying to get Video of a Drone starting Fires with some kind of device mounted to the front of it, but the Area was under Evacuation, he had to leave quick…


:+1: that would be incredible!!

Agenda 21

Thanks @Johnnykind



What up Cali?! I just started a thread for SoCal InfoWarriors. I see a few people in SoCal in here…if any of you wanna get a meetup started to get some support and activism ideas together hit that thread. Glad to see some active Warriors in California. We are a crazy minority…that’s for sure! LOL!