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Ballot harvesting bounty: How Dems apparently used election law change to rout California Republicans


I knew it, I just knew something was up. I’m sure this is just a small sliver of the voter fraud that the Democrats engaged in. So many people that I had talked to hated Gavin Newsom. In-fact, I didn’t see a single Gavin Newsom sign in my entire town during the midterms. (excluding the paid University signs) Granted, that was just my town but I still believe that says something.

Thanks again for keeping me up to date @RealDonaldTrump


I reside in the middle of California, but I would love to know when you would be setting up an event. I’d try to fit in my schedule!


Your very welcome.
I saw the exact thing here.
California could have gone blue if a fair vote imo.



These people rrrrrgggggggg!!

Please pray for this poor kid. :cry:


I’m still trying to learn the layout here… I feel like such a newbie.
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This is great info we can share for those who do not realize still what has been going on w Chemtrails. Thank you for posting this since its all the info is starting to disappear :wink: :raised_hands::100:


SO thankful to find this group! I live in the inland county area and am SO FRUSTRATED BY THE BULL DOODY THIS STATE SEEMS TO ENJOY TAKING UP THE ARSE (exclusive, of course, for those here who really care about our state). Does anyone know of any groups or organizations actually taking steps to stop all the corruption in our state, besides Oathkeepers?


Hey @Tammy
What city?
…Im in OC


I’m gonna be spearheading an event for the New Year to start some momentum for 2019 to organize and let our Gov know that we’re mad as hell.


Im down what do you think about making t shirts that say “Apple hates America and is censoring free speech” and go hang out in apple stores for this holiday shopping season and when sales personnel come to help us we ask them if they too as Americans hate the first amendment… or something like that


I think thats fantastic!


Our “Favorite” Kamala Harris :weary:


That’s a good idea! I have a Vinyl Heat Press and can make the shirts.


Who’s down to start some Yellow Vest protests here in California for the Gas Tax we “voted” for? Do some Facebook Live or Parascope and tag #CaliYellowVests?


@DeplorableTodd knew I’d find u here at some point, i hope you’re doing well


thats awesome renman if you can make them I’m down !!






Look at this news article from The Daily Caller :
DOD OIG Says Air Force Missed 4 Opportunities To Report Texas Church Shooter To FBI