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Acton, CA, in North East Los Angeles County.








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My mom posted this article on FB and being an agriculture family (we’ve raised livestock since the 70s.) I like the idea of ethics being promoted but it seems that the cali state 4-H & FFA higher ups are kowtowing to animal rights activists in requiring kids to pass an ethics & food safety class. I didn’t have to do this when I showed in the 90s & early 2000s, we did have to sign an ethics statement though. The state is making things redundant as these things covered in the 4-H & FFA programs already. I think this is a bid for more control by an over bearing nanny state…
What are people’s thoughts on this?


Nancy Pelosi has to go.
California is not what most people think (liberal snobs)
They just Inhabited our land and good weather…
The California people are NOT

  1. Hollywood/LA
  2. Sacramento
  3. San Francisco
    We’re a big state.
    Its like saying Texans are all like Austin.



Is anyone aware of the radio station that plays Infowars, here in California? I’m trying to tune in.
I live by Fresno, but I have a radio that should pick up anything in this state.


I believe it is an A.m. station. You can always call or go to for more info👍



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Thank you, your right. Its KGED 1680 AM at Fresno. They play the Alex Jones Show at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sadly, I don’t receive it where I’m at. But, to all of you that are in the same boat, you can listen to Infowars on your phone by calling: 605-562-4029, 512-646-5000, or 605-475-5800. Very useful, especially since I use a flip phone.