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Clovis, Fresno county here!




Can one of you (or a group) get on Bill Maher’s show and confront him please?


That’s a great idea!


Especially now after this story came out, there’s so much material you can use…


Come and join me at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show In Ventura this weekend. Lets show California that we mean business. I will be volunteering at the (California Rifle and Pistol Association) table so stop and say hi.


The SoCal Gun Shows Victorville Show is coming up. I will be there volunteering for (California Rifle and Pistol Association), stop by our table and say hi.


Are there any petitions out to end or delay the new CA law that requires us get background checks and a license to buy ammunition stating in June?


Jailhouse Rock by the Blues Brothers



#172 COME FIND ALEX JONES ON OUR BACK UP CHANNEL AS WELL!! IF U WANNA CHAT!! :tada::fireworks::yellow_heart::hearts::hearts::fireworks::yellow_heart:

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@IW-FEMA-9 To the best of my knowledge, there are no petitions. However, the President and legal council of CRPA with support from the NRA have several actions that at this point are going to make the California Department of Justice put it on hold until the process/procedure gets figured out and possibly even thrown out. That is the best I can tell you at this point. If you would like further information you can sign up for the email list at or you can get a membership for $35 and receive the Firing Line magazine with all the information about what is happening concerning the ammo registration law.


The SoCal Gun Show in Victorville will be this Saturday and Sunday. I will be there with CRPA. Stop by and say hi. I’d love to meet any Infowarriors with a passion for our constitution and the bill of rights. Let me know if you have any questions about all the happenings.


Added nugget, the elites tell you in the name. MAN MADE global warming, aka geoengineering. Think in “The Giver”, crops are all year round because they regulate snow away.


also 951 here, the IE


I used to live in Southern, CA


The @socalgunshows at Victorville is this Saturday and Sunday


Stockton checking in


I am from Southern Cal San Diego now stuck in the armpit of CA Stockerton !!