Call for action this weekend


Attention InfoWars army,

This weekend I want to see you getting up and getting active. I want you to go out and take action, whether it is a flag wave, sign hold, going to a ball game with a huge InfoWars sign, going out and interviewing people and asking them questions about politics or InfoWars. I want to see action from you guys. I want to share your content that you record. I am here to network with you and help if I can with exposure for InfoWars army. I just had my Instagram page disabled and I just got hit with a 30 day ban. I am going to make a InfoWars army page on Facebook with my other backup profile. E-mail me your footage or pics at


Infowarsarmy Austin-HoustonSanAntonio have already had a phone strategy meeting last night. We will be at the ATX Capitol on Saturday morning. Video Footage to follow…Praying for a successful mission.

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Sorry to hear about your #Instagram & #FacistBook bans…They suck! I’m on my SIXTH 30 Day Facebook ban since 24 October 2018.

26 More Days To Go On My #FacistBook Prison Sentence LOL!

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I’ve been getting month-long banned off Facebook since at least 2014, several times or more each year.