Can't-Miss Documentaries



From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo:

And also Alex Jones’ follow-up documentary Reflections and Warnings with Aaron Russo:



Great topic! Will use this alot


Leonard Ulrich has been working on Vol 2 of his “NWO” series for many years, and has recently announced that it should be published early 2019 (he wants to enter it in the Winnipeg Real To Reel Film Festival, which takes place early in the year)! :slight_smile:


Will you upload them to Bitchute before YouTube removes them again?


Leonard is already on that site: if he wanted it uploaded there he’d already’ve uploaded it. No worries. The guy has DVDs :wink: and could upload to BitChute from one of them.


In psychology we learn that in bigger cities, or places, with more people, when problems arise, less people respond, generally, statistically. Like, there was case were a lady was stuck naked in a trunk of a car. She got out on a highway and ran past so many people and people didn’t help. Each person thinks, usually, “Oh, somebody else will help.” And then nobody helps.


My question about the videos being uploaded to other websites, etc, is an example of how easy it is for us all to say that somebody else has it taken care of until it is too late. It is similar to how like Alex Jones and other and even me, we get banned, and then many people do nothing. You know, it’s not a good habit, not a good way of thinking. If people want something, they should do it and not just hope others do it themselves. Oatmeal.




We’re talking about a guy with so much initiative he put 6 years into making a documentary–who directed people, in a recent YT upload, to follow him on BitChute–I don’t buy that this is an instance of the phenomenon you’re referring to.


This is just a trailer, but I would urge everyone to watch the documentary (featuring interviews with Lawrence Krauss, Max Tegmark, and Michio Kaku and narrated by Kate Mulgrew) which espouses… Geocentrism. Don’t reject it out of hand–the physicists agree that the evidence could easily be interpreted as pointing in that direction!

Before you bring up the incredible complaints made by the interviewees (how did a few idiots–gotta be idiots to believe in Geocentrism right?) dupe world-renowned physicists? How could Kate Mulgrew not have known what she had gotten herself into when she spent a month preparing to read the narration?


Doesn’t Mike Cernovich have a new docu out “Hoaxed” ?


Did you know Cernovich is actually saying Trump has lost his vote?

Not sure if this reply to his tweet to his statement that Trump has lost his vote can get you there (he’s blocked me for telling him he wouldn’t have gotten half of what Trump has gotten done had he been President, and that he needed to “shut up”).

Unless there is no better candidate right?

— Jellied_Donut (@Jellied_Donut) November 22, 2018


He does shit like that all the time. I’m not crazy about him personally but I did want to watch his docu Hoaxed. I’ve seen the trailer & is looks badass


Hmmm heres one.

Dont judge a book by its cover

mathamagicland starts around 25min mark


So, you’re promoting inactivity, laziness, that we shouldn’t all try to step up our game?


This is what kicked off the TEA PARTY movement and helped propel Ron Paul!


Not sure what it was that made you come to that conclusion.


I just clicked on your video and got this warning from YouTube:

"The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.


What a bunch of fairies. Now I want to watch it even more. :smiling_imp: