Can't-Miss Documentaries


Wow! This is a Great thread. There are some here I haven’t seen yet.
This forum is so informative! We know as we are active globalism
researchers here in Helsinki, far away from the belly of Babylon, but
we care nonetheless.

Consider our first Suntitled Productiondome release. We narrowed
these two down as the most powerful combined combination so far,
the history of the SSP and then actual video proof of their spacecrafts
already covering the globe slightly above our heads. (they fly low and
slow when not just parked there imitating bright stars). Top PUBLIC
is simply a MUST WATCH too. Thank you great informers here…




Incredible true info documentary downloads, do share:


Found on an article on Infowars


@well_well_well, awesome website. I went to it and it unsaved me. Impossible. But it did. @R_total369, that website,, is Creepy Like Goosebumps On Drugs. It Unsaved Me Three Times. And I don’t even believe in being unsaved. But it did. It said it knew everything about me when I went to their website. Creepy music in the background. How do we get this website to go viral?


No i havent watched it yet but i heard its free to download.


It’s not good to raise off-topic discussions. If you want to discuss the issue of whether salvation can or can’t be lost, you know where to go.


Biosludged the true meaning when they say eat S.


Walt Disney:

CIA Special Agent E.E. Conroy

Club 33


@well_well_well, you did not visit the website? Too worried about losing your @R_total369 Salvation?


Stop being so inappropriate. If you want to talk about that topic, just post in the designated area.


@well_well_well is jealous to death, spiritual lose your salvation death, that he didn’t come up with that awesome website with that awesome documentary that should go viral that we should all like Oatmeal share the Oats out of it until Sugar and Water guts out of the Bowls of the illumination and shock of the masses.


Joey, what exactly is your problem–baselessly accusing me of sins like that?

Is that how Christ tells you to behave?


Yes! Here we go again lol






I wouldn’t count on it–we don’t have a real deep topic (eg, the Gospel) to discuss here.




@well_well_well seems to be missing out on a cool website because he is triggered by one little word that I might accidentally throw into my classic Grammar-Illegal Oatmeal Run-On Sentence that goes on and on, hoping not lose something, like that Lamb Chop Play Along Song and notice how I almost mentioned the thing that is like Voldemort that is not to be mentioned without risking losing something else which is triggering Well about the one thing about the one thing that seems untouchable like Deplorables like MC Hammer Can’t Touch It because of fake modesty even as we might be missing the point that we should be triggering the world as the Infowars Army as we Red Pill People with Oatmeal Ramen Noodles Burning With Ants which I ate a bit when I lived in Hawaii in 2007 and it was hot like Owen Shroyer is hot in his ability to motivate the army to go out there to trigger other people instead of just triggering each other like Spice Girls on Oatmeal Drugs.


1 Corinthians 10
24Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.


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