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In January 1967, is when the rocket blew up and killed 3 astronauts in Cape Kennedy, Fl. And in the documentary they.were talking about missiles in March 1967.


This one explains how we ended up with western civilization becoming the target for the downtrodden.





Reminds me of his “A Good American”; that said, it is not a documentary, it is a lecture.


I finally got a chance to watch it. Wow! I didnt know until now.

GAY FROGS, Who knows how many illnesses are caused by sluge.

Aka: human shit that is mixed with more chemicals, toxins, and metals that you never knew existed…this is what your food is grown in.


Good video, they need a clean soil bill.

  1. The Obama Deception
  2. Missing 411
  3. How marines are made
  4. Secrets of SEAL team 6
    Thats all I’ve got for now lol.


Out of Africa my verdant arse. Here we are painting beauty 40+ thousand years ago in France, together and repairing for 10,000 years - NOTHING like this has EVER been seen in Mudslime Afrika? Because of the you know jeo(w) copyrighted music malarkey it is a little altered with some lack of background music to avoid youtube destruction.


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Great piece eh?

Volume 2 is coming out soon.


I will watch for the next volume.


I bought a copy as soon as it was released… And when I originally researched it I found Michael Voris and I only subscribe to Infowars and churchmilitant and of course all our other favorites… Only truth makes sense , have a great Christmas

  1. I don’t celebrate pagan holidays even if they are disguised as Christian ones.

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“The Obama Deception” is very powerful.
“TerrorStorm” Is prolly my favorite though.


I am actively looking for protests to march on washington and k-street. None found so far.

  1. You will find me protesting the destructors of the American Way.
  2. I support Our Citizens and Our President.
  3. I will not wait for others to organize me.



Vaxxed - From Cover Up to Catastrophe (external link, not embedded)



Endgame - Alex Jones with 5.2M views (external link, not embedded)