Can't-Miss Documentaries


Not a documentary. :grinning:


“Just Speek it into existence and the power to control weather?” is not a documentary either.


Aerosol Crimes - First Edition Clifford Carnicom


“Protect Your Brain with Nutrition to Resist the Globalist Agenda” is not a documentary.


This is the best documentary I’ve ever seen about the most lied about man in history.


When you’re done with that one, here’s a good follow up:


Well, it used to be if you weren’t demonizing him like your adolescent NPC download told you to… society would suggest you were a NAZI!

Mind you, if you tell the truth like abortion is murder, or there’s only two genders, they’ll call you one anyways, so, I guess… game on?


Society is sick. Watch the documentary if you’d like to learn how someone tried to stop what we’re living in now. It’s fact-based. Just watch it with an open mind.


How objective is it? I understand history is always written to suit the victors. I understand they needed to define thee boogeyman to make themselves the savior. But, I would say there’s lots of responsibility to be levied here… yes?


It’s fairly succinct in events and the unabridged, unadulterated history. It’s a LONG documentary. Were crimes committed under NatSoc rule? Sure… there always are under any dominant force. But the truth is more than we are allowed to know. He really wanted to just provide a clean society for his people free from Central banking cartels. Was he misled about some things? Sure. Traitors exist at all levels. Ask Trump. Maybe I like playing devil’s advocate here, but just watch with an open mind. There are lots of events that are explained from the “other” side. Again, just presenting the material for review.


And Hellstorm… what a nightmare. Could you imagine a fire so intense that you melt to the asphalt? Insane.


Yeah, well the tyranny has always been here, and with technology rolling out, they needed to ensure, there was a sufficient level of guilt levied at any values that might again one day rise up to define itself again. The tyranny has been around for centuries, and has spent that whole time compiling all the knowledge it can about human management of mind, body, and soul, and by management I mean exploitation.


It wouldn’t load.

I think I’ve seen it before anyway.

I’d rather hear learned people debate the topic–anyone can throw any claim out there.


Click the bottom button: “I understand and wish to proceed”. Should play if you have an acct.


I forgot to mention that the button didn’t work for me. I even tried reloading and resizing the screen (in case there was a misalignment–it happens sometimes with some pages).


Try that.


Same deal actually. Won’t play embedded and won’t play in YouTube.


Even when they host it it won’t play. It says you should download the file. LOL

Anyways, I think I’ve seen it before. I try to explore differing views when they are important.


Haha. Idk, brother. I was able to watch it on youtube and I did download the parts from the other site, too. Some are apparently duplicated parts, though. Be careful of that.


I downloaded it (off of YouTube) before, but that computer got fried.