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Damn. What’d you do!? haha. jk.


I made a comment that was by no means disrespectful but which was critical of an officer on a video. After that, my computer started having problems. That actually happened to two of my computers. After that, I stopped making any comments about officers. Think I’m crazy? This guy got arrested for a comment about officers.


Wow. How’s that go again… absolute power corrupts absolutely? Yeah, that’s it.


I wouldn’t make such comments.


I can’t afford to make such comments I should say. Can’t afford to have to buy another computer.


Could you use one at the local library? Don’t most have public access computers? Probably confined to a few sites, I’m sure. Idk, man. Sounds like a crap deal.


I am not going to go out of my way to make a comment. LOL


Haha. Fair enough. Don’t blame you. Thought police… gotta end this enslavement soon or we’re not going to get the chance ever again.


Thanks for sharing man. See ya.


You’re not saying you think Jeb! is a Christian are you?


He comes from a top Globalist family. I would not be so quick to call him a Christian.



@Mongoose I finally watched the greatest story never told documentary… well now a lot more of my research makes sense now… and explains this video below that I came across just recently… WOW the whole of history has been mostly foundations of lies… its insane. and now the verse from the bible that mentions that knowledge shall be increased in the endtimes makes a whole lot of sense when applied to history as well…

as an afterthought, I can now understand a lil more about the holocaust, and I see that there were multiple genocides on all sides but most didn’t receive the publicity like the Jewish holocaust did because that one served an antisemitism propaganda purpose… its all insanity to me…horrible insanity…

also there were two parts of the greatest story never told documentary that blew my mind:

Part 25 We Defeated The Wrong Enemy: Operation Thunder, fighting to save Europe, the Charlemagne Waffen SS and Hitler’s Lament.


Part 27 Babylon Before Hitler – Bonus

Adolf Hitler was a man of high morals and proved it by cleaning up the depraved streets of the Marxist cesspit otherwise known as Berlin.


Glad you put the time in on that one. It’s very eye-opening to say the least. Propaganda has been used to sway public opinion forever. It’s a favorite tool of the controlling powers. I don’t know why people can’t understand that it’s being used again (and always) to coerce nations into servitude and ruin. The US has lived out its usefulness and will now be propagandized into the globalist agenda. I have very little hope for our future. I don’t mean to be doom and gloom, but I feel we’re past a point of no return unless very drastic measures are taken quickly.


Panodrama (Tommy Robinson documentary about the BBC)


For people that don’t have fast internet & want to see that documentary.


This is a must-watch


Wow they don’t even try to hide the predictive programming anymore… #bibleprophecy #beastsystem #rootofevil


They are coming folks!!!