Central Florida, Meet Up Group


Come meet fellow info warriors in downtown Sanford Florida, (New Date & Time Soon)

This is not a political demonstration, but a social gathering and exchange of ideas of like-minded people. The goal is to organize a club in Central Florida so that future activities and general infowar promotion can be effective.

As a clarification, this is a meet up of individuals, and no organized group is taking responsibility for the actions of any individual. Each individual is accountable for their own actions.

Florida State Info Wars Group
If they arrest Alex Jones.. what are we going to do?
Is Anyone Else On This Forum Going To Organize Meet Ups For The Army.?
Are we going to organize or not?

I responded to another post earlier on this subject. It is an excellent idea to meet in person.
Have a single page, double sided new letter to hand out as a flyer. Bring a clip board with a sign up sheet for people who want to meet more and see if you want to put your own Association of Freeholders and Free People together. Propose, vote and sign resolutions.
Bring signs that show this site Infowarsarmy.com so people who might see it but are afraid to approach your meeting can visit the site and see if they want to join up.

You can find New Letter Word doc examples on line for free. Getting to the point of having 30 so people to meet and create resolutions is a bigger goal than you think. But once you get past that number, you might find the rest of the battle much easier.

Good luck!


It’s around 3 hours for me from Yulee. I’ll go if I really have to. It’ll take me forever to get there and back though. :sweat_smile:


If you can go for it, if not it’s alright, we do what we can. Regardless, try telling your friends and such. Rock on!


Is anyone else going that you know of?


Yeah I got one other person so far. I am hoping to get eight people. My hopes aren’t too high, this is the first one so I hope to grow from here.


We are expecting four individuals to be present, if you are in the area, come stop by this evening.


I’ll be there the Town Square Downtown?


Yep, where the farmer’s market is hosted at.


See ya then I live in Sanford


I don’t think I’ll be able to go this time, will make every effort to go next time.


Hey Im about an hour away from sanford, I know like minded patriots who know about the nwo but we arent organized or anything. I think this is a good idea if we can get it organized and get enough people.


This isnt a one time thing so when you can make it you can make it. :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’ll let my patriot friends know about it and we’ll try to get organized


We had an awesome conversation in downtown Sanford, three individuals showed and stayed for hours three. It was very exciting & fun, and our plans for future activities and sign holding will be coming to light soon.

If you could’ve made it but didn’t, you missed out. Stay tuned for another event, for any suggestions, comments, or questions, you may PM me. I will be planing another event soon.


January 2nd is proposed next date. I will have a confirmation soon. Same place, downtown sanford in the town square. We will have some signs out this time. And perhaps some other things.

Cheers to Florida!


Awesome I should be able to make👍


Alright, guys, it is confirmed. January 2nd, 7:00 Post Meridian, in Sanford Florida, at the city square.

I am going to be resting a sign up facing the road, but remember it isn’t a demonstration it is just a small rally for us. I am doing it to better catch peoples eyes and attention so they see what is up.


I don’t recall ever travelling through Sanford so I might get lost, I’ll be there unless something serious keeps me.


there aint too much to it!