Central Florida, Meet Up Group


In case you don’t know,

Last time this thread made it live on the War Room and that attracted some attention for us and is a big win. I don’t know of any other local Infowars Groups getting that coverage.

Remember that when you post and like commets in a thread it bumps the thread. So In case someone doesnt specifically search “Florida” to find this thread they can find it accidently. Which is what we want.

So, if you have any florida pictures you want to share, post them, with the text saying
“Sanford, Florida, January 2nd, 7 o’clock in the town square.”


Don’t be like the PFJ, take action, history is happening.

Sanford, Florida, January 2nd, 7 o’clock in the town square.


So I keep forgetting but I have family flying in on the night of the 2nd and I’m probably expected to entertain them. Should I go to the meet up anyway?


Count me in info bro


I’ll be there. My friend Andrew can’t make it because of work but he knows about the nwo and is interested in going to a meet one day.


So how was the meet up?


It went very okay. We made a plan and put it in to motion for a public demonstration. It involves using poltical signs and advertisements on the sides of roads to interest people to visit infowars.com . Which will help stop the whole globalist thing.

This is particularly great because whilst we would like to see as many people come out as we can, this can be done if need be, at home. Also the sign holds its self. Expect a post with lots of excitement when I have the details soon.


Sounds good, my family member visiting flew back out this morning.


Saturday Morning, January 26th is the next meet up. Downtown Sanford, in the town square at 11 o’clock.

We are going to be focusing on spreading awareness on common issues the public may not be aware of as well as sharing the ideas of Americana.

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Don’t forget to come out this Saturday. Also on February 22nd - 24th theres an event called George fest in Eustis to celebrate presidents day. I think that we should pay homage to George Washington by letting people know about 1776 part two world wide.


Bump that how much does it cost? We should all go there!


Wish i could join you guys! I’m with you in spirit though! It’s a decent drive for me to sanford " im in mulberry" sounds like fun! In honor of Trump you guys should definitely go to McDonald’s! Peace


Make sure you can go to this George fest, I’ve heard of it before but I am really excited to go this time. Info Wars shirt and all.


That might be a possibility. My new nieghbor down the street is an infowarrior also a teacher I’m gonna get with him about going out. I already mentioned it once he seemed a little apprehensive but I’m gonna twist that arm boy! I’ll get him on infocomms and i think that will help. Peace



I will say this as a general statement, one thing that I do not do often is watch movies. But I was watching The Karate Kid and one of the quotes from the Sage in the movie is in pic related. It got me thinking.

If you haven’t already, go all out. Honestly, just a big “Yes I love America. I listen to Info Wars. I am an American.” Go all the way. Full American, not a little bit or mostly. Wear Patriotic swag. Be pro human. Be the man you are.


George fest is free to the public, theres a parade, fireworks, carnival rides, concerts ect. The rides and the food trucks are the only things that cost money.


Everyone needs to show up to this event that can. Given the recent capture of Rodger stone it has become clear the the group needs to have a independent and reliable source of communication set up in case internet purge which is likely to happen. Be there.



What a great meet up we had today. Of course, if you weren’t there then you missed out. We are going to be getting a group chat started with a secure connection I am going to be testing different platforms to find out which works the best.

One problem that we are finding is that while there are plenty of like-minded people, they do not know of Infocomms. It doesn’t get advertised much and sometimes people come across us on accident. Some people don’t know there is a community. So we are going to spread the message of this group and you should help.

A next event is an event called George Fest. Make sure you mark that on your calendars. I will be making small flyers to hand to people who may be interested in joining our community.

I have been advised of a website called Fort Florida. This is a tool that will help you with security in your local neighborhoods. So if something bad were to happen like a home invasion, your neighbors can be alerted.

I will have more infomation soon, till now, make sure everyone gets at least them self, and one other friend to our next meet up. Thank you!


Was it a good turnout? Sorry I couldn’t make it, prior engagement.


It was a very okay turnout. We had a total of three members. One of them is not on Info-Comms, but the other is Alex. We would like to have yourself and @OlSarge67 come out but as well as new friends and such. It is very important to go George Fest come February.