Central Florida, Meet Up Group


Who is Alex? Someone on the forum?


Yes he has posted in this thread. You should be able to see his post.


Ah right I see him. Thanks.


I just saw this group since I just joined the overall site as well. Is the Sanford thing a regular event ? If so I’d like to go, not sure which Saturday would work…


We normally have them on a Wensday and in Sanford. The Next confirmed big event George fest. You can find the details of our meeting above. I would like to have one more meet up to execute our plans before George fest, so stay tuned.

I will have results by this Wensday, at midnight.


Our next meet is going to be at Eustis’s George fest Saturday, Febuary, 23, 6:00pm in Ferran park by the herron fountain.


Eustis’s George fest Saturday, February, 23, 6:00 pm in Ferran park by the Herron fountain.

Bump and make sure to be there!

New project! Project Yard Sign

We are going to be using small and plentiful amounts of small campaign signs commonly used for promoting people during elections to spread awareness of issues held by the communities. @Alex is an amazing artist with some great pieces of work. But I like to have competition so make your best and post them in the chat. The very least you need is some paper and a laminator to waterproof it a bit.

The goal is to have in your local area at least five signs posted in public spaces that are legal. It is important to spread awareness and let others know like-minded people are out and plenty of them. Don’t clutter them in one place. And make sure you post plenty.

Calling out everyone #Yardsignwar

Eustis’s George fest Saturday, February, 23, 6:00 pm in Ferran park by the Herron fountain.

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I’m making some more signs.



Bump for Geroge fest.

This country was founded by a land surveyor who was elected to represented the Virginia Colony. Who then was chosen to lead an army of what was at first, very unfit men that as he kindly described looked like hobos and many hadn’t any shoes. He then made one of the most outstanding victories in history and brought to his country a spirit of perseverance against all odds. The power of the rugged individual, fighting against the unfrivolous pain and hardships like it was trivial. Many words I may use to describe this spirit. I hope it lives inside you. It is the spirit of 1776.