Charleston, SC InfoWars Army


InfoWarrior here in Charleston SC. Looking to connect with other InfoWarriors in the area and come up with a plan to go out and red-pill people. (holding signs, handing out IW bumper stickers, Camera man, live streaming). Let me know. Thx!

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I’m in the Aiken SC area…if you get up this way, shout out and let me know!!


Ok you got it. And same as well, if u get out this way let me know. This area could use some red pilling in the 3D world since people are clueless.


Hey what up. Fellow infoWarrior here. I call Charleston my home, living in Hanahan at the moment. Finally made it on here and was about to post the same kind of thing to find any others around Charleston. Get at me sometime.


Hey what’s up man. But yes, glad this site made it and is growing day by day. Charleston needs to take a bunch of red pills! Even the conservatives here are clueless. But yeah, i’m definetly down for going out into the 3D world and wake some people up. Will def keep in touch. Ttyl.


Cool man I agree completely… I’ll listen out for out or give you a shout back. Take care.


Hey SC patriots! Anyone have any ideas on going out into the 3D matrix to red pill? Like holding signs over I26 or I95? Maybe we can hand out IW stickers? Whatever we do, definitly wanna live stream and have it documented so we can post it here. What do you guys think? Wanna make a plan? Any ideas? Any events going on this weekend? @MamaPotato @TheVigilante1776


I was thinking about a plan:
printing out flyers and getting stickers and maybe doing a raffle with tickets for something purchased from the Infowars store and setting up in front of maybe Walmart and talking to people…everyone loves free stuff…and then you can connect to people and redpill all at the same time


Alot of people are open to info but don’t slow down enough to pay attention…a raffle would get their attention and you can show them the info easier than doing a protest…


Sounds like a good idea! Do you know if you need a permit to set up in front of Walmart?


@MamaPotato Maybe printing out some reports on President Trumps accomplishments and what the MSM will not cover. Maybe print out some reports on the fluoride and contaminants in the water? Maybe print out some reports on how free speech is being banned? Print out how schools have turned into indoctrination camps and how they’re pushing the sexualization of children and how they’re brainwashing the children to think that they can be whatever “gender” they want. Use the highlighter and highlight sentences or key words that will grab the readers attention.


I will find out…I’ll post info when I get done with research :+1::grin:


Let’s do it!!! I’d love to rally up and get some stuff going. Like what I’ve heard so far count me in.


This is the best answer I got for setting up in front of a store:

However, permission must be secured ahead of time, and not all storefronts will allow it. Furthermore, some communities may even have local regulations against it, so check in with your city office ahead of time to see if it is allowed, and if it is, whether or not any special permits or licenses may be required.

You may well need to have a permit, although this is usually a simple matter. So long as your organization is a legitimate one, you can get a permit usually for a small fee and a simple application form. The store will also probably require you to sign a release of some sort, which will mean that your group takes full responsibility for any accidents or anything that may happen to your volunteers.


A better venue maybe a park… Hold an event and invite the community…offer a raffle and get a few info warriors to join you informing people… I’ve found that people are more receptive when they are comfortable and relaxed and enjoying themselves… Most people tend to avoid people who they think are challenging them and their opinions…ie protests… :pensive:. Just a thought


I mean honestly if you look at how the masses soak up corruption and false news it’s because it appeals to their emotions…the corrupt hold fundraisers and offer all the things people want and then introduce the corruptive ideas in a nice neat little appealing package…


Yes that makes total sense! They are con artists!


@MamaPotato I really like the handing out real news idea. If they won’t do the research, then maybe we should do the research for them? We should get the news reports that really stand out, like Trump accomplishments, that MSM doesn’t cover. That way, when we talk to people we can say “Hey, what do you think about what President Trump is doing for the country? Oh, you think he’s not doing a good job? Well here have a look at what he has done for the country…MainStream Media will not tell you what he has done because they don’t want you to know the truth” Then hand it over to them and let them decide for themselves. Maybe touch on free speech and how we are being censored and banned. I’m ok at talking to people about this stuff but i’m not great, like Owen is when people come back at him and say that’s not true.


@MamaPotato @TheVigilante1776 I don’t have a printer, but i can pitch in for cost of ink and paper. Or print it out and go to a place that has a copy/printer and make copies of it. I can help find the real news articles and highlight certain things, like Alex does on the show, and i can email it to you and have it ready for print.


:us:Patriots in SC! InfoWarrior here in Charleston SC. Looking to connect with other Patriots in the area and have an awareness event. We can find REAL NEWS reports, like Pres Trumps accomplishments, and the attack on FREE SPEECH, print out hundreds of copies and go somewhere like a store or the mall and hand them out to people, while someone is taking video and/or pics, to help them understand what’s going on. They can censor us and shadow ban us online but not in the 3D realm. Not yet, at least. Let me know who’s interested. Thx!:us: