Chase Bank Abruptly Bans Proud Boys Leader


Chase Bank Abruptly Bans Proud Boys Leader

“How am I supposed to get food to feed my family?”

Zero Hedge - February 10, 2019

Chase Bank has notified Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio that they will no longer do business with him, and he has until April 1st to move his money out, according to a letter obtained by Big League Politics .


Enrique Tarrio (left)

While the bank hasn’t stated why they are shutting Tarrio’s accounts, the letter comes “just days after Chase Bank’s payment processor, Chase Paymentech, de-platformed him on a website he runs that allows groups and charities to sell merchandise, and raise money for causes,” writes Big League Politics ‘ Waldo Crane .

The website,, is most known for selling the famous “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” shirts which Stone was spotted in during the late-night arrest at his home. – Big League Politics


Via Big League Politics

Tarrio – who is Cuban and Black, was prominently featured in a September article in the Daily Beast highlighting young men of color joining “White-Supremacist groups.” Of note, the Proud Boys – a fraternal organization founded by Gavin McInnes, has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, for which McInnes is currently suing them.

Since the Daily Beast report, Tarrio says he has been deplatformed by a number of services, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, FirstData, Square, Stripe and PayPal.

“My political views pretty much mirror those of President Donald Trump,” Tarrio tells Big League Politics . “But the media, and groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, smear me trying to tie me, an Afro-Cuban, to ideologies that would force me out of my own country if they went into effect. It’s completely asinine and based completely outside of reality.”

Tarrio is worried that he won’t be able to function in the 21st century if he continues to be blacklisted.

“How am I supposed to get food to feed my family? Are taking the directions of the Governor of Virginia and trying to abort me 34 years after birth,” he said in a statement. “They are essentially denying my existence, and trying to force me into homelessness, and ultimately death.”

Tarrio thinks President Trump should do something about the deplatforming.

“He needs to step in, not only because if he doesn’t he will lose in 2020 with all of his supporters being kicked off social media, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

The Proud Boys made headlines last year after scuffling with Antifa during political rallies for which the fraternal organization had legally obtained permits.





No surprise here. Good luck finding a big bank not puppet mastered by globalist Rothschilds trash. Live within your means. Save for emergencys. Give freely only what you do not need back.


Who said you had to use a big bank, as opposed to a small bank or federal credit union? I understand the terrible precedent this sets, but not having a bank account meaning you can’t live is an exaggerated absurdity. If you have a job, get a paper check that you can cash for cash; I have to assume there are still protections stating you cannot be forced into ACH deposits or preloaded debit cards. The fight against a cashless society is not lost.


I hear you. I like cash for budgiting, when the money is gone you have to stop spending. I also enjoy the ease of a credit union backed debit. I try to use cash more and more so we don’t end up deleting it as outmoded.