CHECK IT OUT: New Infowars Rebroadcast Channel on YouTube!


I need some folks to connect to see if the quality is good. I might have to make some adjustments. Also let’s take a poll to see how long you think the channel will stay up before they take it down.

My guess will be 1:00am Monday February 11th…:laughing:

Here is the Link ==>


Quality looks great, as good as the real deal. Gay Frogs Show, LMAO!


Good to hear…I already have 3 thumbs up on the channel!!!


Subscribed! Nice job Leviticus! Thats a good name to get it some attention from people looking for truth.


Trying to stay under the radar for as long as possible. We’ll see how long it lasts. It is currently only taking 3GB of memory to broadcast. If for some reason they do take it down I will get a VPN service and 20 YouTube channels!!!


Thats how we do it! Did you get the idea from the recent Greg Reese Infowars video?


You don’t have to VPN to make new YouTube channels. But if you feel that they’re less likely to ban you, then that may be a good tactic. A VPN is a good way of laying low. So, it delays the censorship, their systems. But for the most part, the censorship is not based on the accounts, the IP addresses, but more so on the actual content that is being streamed and uploaded. In my ten years of experience on YouTube, that is what I would see. I have over 30 accounts on YouTube and no VPN. I have lost several of my channels.


Subscribed! Thank you