Chem Trail Observations 3-14-19


These were taken at 09:00 today, one looking to the NNW towards Central MD and Southern Central PA. The Second was looking to the NNE, towards Washington-Baltimore. What I was not able to capture from that angle, was the curved, equal spacing of those trails. One after the other. The pilots were not crossing them.

Also note, that yesterday, Joe Bastardi, was quite confident, in pointing out that he sees the area off of the Mid-Atlantic, to have a big storm in the middle of next week. Even though the computer models show that area to be DRY. You should got Weatherbell. com. See who is on the board of directors. There is name there that is very interesting indeed. Maybe you’ll see more than just chem trails and also, Joe stated last year, that he was in favor of such activity, if it used to diminish hurricanes. Not taking his side. Just showing you that he acknowledged their existence as well.


But now it has a scientific name(lmfao) and they’ve told us sunlight is bad(LMFAO louder)


Wheeze cwazy wing nuts! WHEEEEE! I feel like spinning around in the office chair…but I’m not going to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Must be an Airshow this weekend :joy:


Holly cow, yes, just look at who is on that board. Boy, they sure are in everything. Didn’t expect to see Woolsey’s name there.

We had a long trail yesterday here, between 9:30-10am. Will have to keep more of an eye out now. Missed that pic.

I do have to agree with Alex though, since all these trails, the allergies in this country are horrible. Even my cats now have them.


And that is a name in deed! You win the prize! One extra cubic ton of chemicals!


Connecticut has been getting hit hard, almost every day for years, we have the Tic Tac Toe streams that cover the sky. I have many photos from throughout the past Decade. I’ve pointed them out to people in the past, for one thing, I’m not sure that they ever even look up, 2nd, I think they’re ignorantly clueless, or just don’t care. With the Political climate as it is, sometimes I think of late…Imagine not that long ago…my biggest pet peeves were Common Core Standards and Chem Trails, now they seem minuscule in comparison to the current crimes I’m witnessing.


And we need to have observations, every day on this site! The record must now be kept.


That’s a really good idea!


There are at least three other threads and multiple websites dedicated to taking pictures of chemtrails. I’ve not seen any progress in stopping chemtrails. Just pictures.


Yes, I agree. Just pictures does nothing. Noting pictures, testing the soil, plants, trees, etc. and how the farmer’s crops are being affected is what needs to be done, just to start. Then that data has to be put into a tracking program and into spreadsheets. A lot of work, not just pictures, but that is where we had to start. Sometimes there’s more to what you just see on the surface of things, but everything has to have a beginning.


Photos were taken at 11:30 am 03/14/2019
Chemtrail after effects from earlier this morning.


Okay we started. We started years ago. Now what?


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Are you sure those weren’t contrails? They look to be dissipating. If they stuck around for over an hour I might be concerned. Otherwise it might just be a busy flight path. In other news it was cloudy all day here in NH. Full cloud cover, I suppose it looked natural no trails that I could see. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, class was in session.


Photos from 3/14/19, 9:15 AM near Lake Tahoe.
Crisp blue sky yesterday! Blue at 8 am today, and then the grid hit.


These are here in SC o er the last few days…