Chem Trail Observations 3-14-19


Contrails usually dissipate rather quickly and don’t leave a distinct long line in the sky… I watch the planes here…I usually know right away if it will be a chemtrail day or not because the trails either “stick” or disappear as the plane moves across the sky…


This is clearly a chemical attack on the USA… the only place I have NOT seen them is near an active air force base in Florida. I guess they do not like spraying themselves. I just can’t seem to fathom that the US would attack itself like this?? Purely Evil


I took videos that morning, I’m uploading them now… I’ll post one of a plane not leaving a chemtrail and a video of two planes at the same time who had just left a large swath…


Just saw this waiting for my uploads to finish


I have a book about clouds in another location that I am looking forward to getting back to see because it is from about 1976 and shows many clouds and weather but it has one cloud photo that is clearly a chemtrail! I remember it is a 7th edition or so and I want to find earlier editions to see if that chem cloud is in them or not. When I saw it I thought that the author may have been compensated to include it an an early attempt to normalize fake clouds. I am trying to find the oldest chemtrail photo that exists to discover when they were first deployed.


These two videos are of two planes that were leaving chemtrails on one side of my house… Also I should note that the sky around our area is restricted air space because we are close to a nuclear plant… So these are not regular planes…


Here’s the video of the plane that had contrails, but notice how quickly the line dissapated!! Also, I could hear the plane pretty good… I have another video of a plane that made no sound and left no trails whatsoever!! :thinking:


Weird plane no sound no trails…


Has a lot to do with altitude. I believe the chem is laid out way high at 40 - 45,000 feet.


Anytime I’m outside and see a plane, I record it lol…


I was posting the videos in reference to what professor had said about contrails hanging around… From what I’ve noticed the contrails dissipate quickly! Chemtrails “stick” around…


I’ve been posting all my pics on another thread for a while now…


Thank you for all the pics and the contrast videos between the two. Looks like you’ve been getting hit pretty hard down there. I’m in PA and we usually seem to get more in an “X” pattern around the beginning of summer. Just a few right now.

They used to just fly straight across, then about 2 years ago, they started doing the “X” pattern until it looked like a checker board. Just amazes me, with all the rain for the past two years, that they are still claiming it’s to help block the sun from too much warming of the earth.

We now average 2-3 days of sun, but only until around noon, then it becomes just a light grey sky. I sure do miss the sunshine!!


@April yeah it’s constant lines everyday… We live near a nuclear facility so I think they have specific flight patterns to adhere to since it’s restricted air space and they share it with helicopter patrols… :expressionless:


Happy to report… 3/15/2019 at 8:11 am there is not a line in the sky so far, thus the depression is gone! :slight_smile: … Stay tuned.
Thanks for posting the topic marked 3-14-19… it was the worst fake cloud day of the year by far! Definitely a corrupt weather control attempt.



These are from last week.Today is a sunny day,we’ll see what happens.:no_mouth:


There is a new thread for today’s observations. Just an FYI.


From the air traffic tracker I seen most were from 36,000 to 38,000 way the hell up there.


Glad you’ll see what I do. Gets lonely being the only one around me. Everyone is so in the dark about them.