Chem Trail Observations 3-14-19


Yes ,people are so uninformed,hell,they don’t even make the connections with allergies on the rise…geesh…:no_mouth:


Jack Wells is a horse doctor in the area. Before I understood chemtails years ago he told me he did’n’t understand why horses wore having more allergies than ever before. I would tell him but he won’t believe me.


I appreciate the contrasting photos, great work! April posted a great photo over her house too. It looked like a waffle fry in the sky. I can’t remember if it was on this thread or the FECC thread.


I was capturing the HAARP frequencies. The clouds that can look like Shark gills and other non natural shapes for clouds.


lol I guess I’m the only one that sees. :wink:


Other than a checker board in the sky it can be hard to tell. Did the gills start out as lines hours ago? If so you may be on to something. Otherwise just the beauty of nature, I suppose.


Can see the jet on the right


Damn you and your good resolutoin.


I heard that the contrails usually dissipate in about 20 minutes? I hate it that they are Kim trailing the world. But I hear they all takeoff from military bases so it’s hard to track them and really know what they’re up to.

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Can’t stop being reminded of this day after watching the levees and dams broken in the mid west with so many homes flooded.
Even the Ford truck commercials have chemtrails in the sky.
This day, 3/14/2019 was a historic weather controlled moment in history.
@MamaPotato had posted a video showing Mount Shasta fake clouds that same day and I confirmed it and mention reporting to drudge… where is that video, and reply? I thought it was this thread? I was going to repost it here again.
The fake clouds where so thick that I sent a Drudge Tip! …prior to reading this thread.

It seems like they ran a few 20-40% fake cloud days sporadically following the 14th to “blend it in” but the 3/14th was 90-100% FAKE BOMB CYCLONE :cloud_with_lightning:

here is another one she posted worth re-watching.

And here is where Shasta actually brought Chemtrails to light on the record!

And here is the record they broke that day…


The results of National Fake Cloud Day 3/14/2019