Chinese military are invading Hong Kong


Can’t invade your own territory


The hell you can’t…It has been done to the US!!!


A civil war isn’t a invasion


I think he means to say it is BEING done to the US today…


He said “has been done” meaning past tense and the only past tense he can refer to is the civil war


China owns Hong Kong. There lease was up several years ago.


The point of the civil was to control the territory no one invaded it they fought over who would own it.


REPEAT… Past is the Future when we continue to REPEAT the same thing. NOTHING is NEW…

And if you consider the number of immigrants and infiltrators, then a Civil war in the US is not much different then being invaded by a foreign army… In a round about way… No?


But then we got no lease and China pretty much owns our left.
Damn ,We Should have Signed a lease".

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No invasion has a strict meaning, so does civil war and every other military terms

And we are being subverted not invaded there is a difference as well

You can consider the illegals coming over a invasion I suppose since some of them do want to conquer this country but it’s our leaders who are subverting this nation and letting it happen


The United Nations needs to be dismantled.
How about we turn it around and we invade the United Nations. Darn and there is that big one right there in New York.


Besides it’s none of our business what China does, we should stick to this mindset that our forefathers wanted

China at least 4000 years old we are barely 250 we just got here and yet we are telling China what to do? See how silly this is

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I have to disagree with this statement friend, its a bit close minded and naive, This is bigger then a Deep State or USA, this is GLOBAL what is happening around the GLOBE is 100% RELATED… ALL events should be analyzed and acknowledged by “THIS” community and Critical thinking…


You realize if we backed away from everything and stopped being friends with Israel China wouldn’t be a problem I know it really is that simple.

And that is a globalists mentality if you think about it something Alex Jones has and something I avoid

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Ring a Bell: The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese.

A Direct result of Ignorance and complacency.


A false flag that could have been avoided? And we caused just for the excuse not really a good example


How about the Vets, that took an oath to defend here or on Foregin soil, and militia, and Oath Keepers, and they go and dismantle that UN office and their desks. Then go into most the news stations and dismantle their offices and news desk and arrest some for high treason they will get a trial. And if nobody thinks it’s fair have the military tribunal show the trials on national TV. Then go to Washington and arrest the deep state traitors. Before our military defends the other nations (Which I know we have invested interests in some, so I get it. But our soil comes first. What did Jesus say (Cast the dung out of your own eye before you go around trying to cast the dung out of everyone else’s eye.) “Paraphrasing” And I say we got enough dung over here too fill the Arlantic ocean, Pacific, ocean and the Gulf Coast.


It starts with the media first. People are going in the wrong direction. The media has to be dismantled get the Deep State Which is the CIA ran news media. We have to get them arrested first before anything else.

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The deep state by passes Congress and gives leaks and makes determinarltions, dicisions without Congress and Senate and House. The Deep State is the Media.