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In the words of the 2nd wisest sage who ever walked the face of this earth.

Vanity of vanities ,” says the Preacher, “all is vanity !”



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Sorry, I go by one bible that’s the King James bible.


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Same here. KJV only. I was educated recent in the difference here on this site.

I forgot the Fatehr’s name was Jehovah… now I know better.


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Yeah I recently did research into the different versions/translations of the Bible and found major discrepancies and changes… I stick to KJV and I use an app called blue letter Bible for the Strong’s tool… besides prayer for discernment, Ancient Hebrew is a huge key when doing Bible study…


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This is what taught me.


How about Gen. 4:1 where Eve says she has “got a manchild, even the Lord.” The most important thing in the Bible is the Messiah yet most translations say “with the help of the Lord.” Eve thought her first son was God, but the translators didn’t. Notice she named her second son Hebel which means vanity.


I apologize to you because I can’t get caught up into different translation arguments right now. Please look for other resources on this. Gospel Coalition is a trustworthy source from what I can tell.

You are a bit mixed up to be blunt about who God is. If you want me to help you with that, I will do my best.


I read the NASB mostly. So who is God?


What is the NASB?


New American Standard Bible. I’ve had that version among others. My mom has a collection of Bibles, like dozens of different versions, including NIV.


My point is that Eve was looking for “the seed” from Gen. 3:15. Adam and Eve went from Eden to the big woolly fallen world. I am just pointing out that the Story of Messiah is right there in the early part of Genesis. I’m not a translation bigot though some are better than others else why have so many.


That is true, it is right there, and all over, other places, too.


Are you trying to pump life into this thread. Most Bibles read “with the help of the Lord.” That has nothing to do with the Messiah.


What did it say originally in the original languages, like Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, that the 66 books of the Bible via 40 authors were written in, plus, what was the original context that the books were written to, and who were the books written to, is the question, are the questions, as these books were not directly written to us, maybe for us indirectly, but directly to us, meaning there is a lot lost in translation, interpretation, and especially application.


You put a lot on your plate. Can you prove any of it? Even that there were 40 authors? What about The Documentary Hypothesis? How can your prove what was lost in translation, etc? Can you prove that the Books of the Bible were not written to Man in general and but rather to the Jews in particular. The Ten Commandments seem pretty general in there application.


Can you prove that your comment, here, was written to me and not to the world?


Like I thought. You make statements you can not backup.