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Have you heard Ravi Zacharias?


You seem to be against questions. That means, you are blind.


This is a statement not a question: “What did it say originally in the original languages, like Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, that the 66 books of the Bible via 40 authors were written in,”

This is a statement not a question: “as these books were not directly written to us, maybe for us indirectly, but directly to us, meaning there is a lot lost in translation, interpretation, and especially application.”


Why are you against history?


if ain’t KJV it ain’t bible


I can prove the bible exists now and is the most popular, translated, influential book in existence.

Western civilisation is a merger of Athens and Jerusalem. The bible is the foundation and its back to the bible or back to the jungle.

The JEDP Deuterodumpty humpty dumptu theory is completely false put out by heretics.

Archaeology and history completely disprove such silly nonsense and works by Benjamin C Wilkinson completely vindicated the traditional Hebrew text of the Old Testament as an historical document.


Actually, god is against history that we did not directly witness. If it actually mattered he would have given us temporal access to history. God created this universe so that what matters is directly accessible to us. Those who create religion don’t want to change the world for the better, which is why they want victims of religion to focus on ONLY that which they cannot act upon, history and prophecy. How convenient. Faith is the knowledge and belief, a condition of memory, that we directly experienced. You cannot experience a history where you were not present nor the future. The ONLY thing we can act upon is what is in the present. That’s why Christians die unsaved.


The Remarkable Robert Dick Wilson

By Wayne Jackson

Robert Dick Wilson was truly a remarkable gentleman. Bible students are indebted to him for the masterful work he did in helping to confirm the credibility of the Old Testament.

Robert Wilson was born in 1856; he graduated from Princeton University at the age of twenty. He went on to earn both a Masters degree and a PhD. He then did further post-graduate work in Germany for two years. He was a brilliant language student; when he was still in college he could read his New Testament in nine languages.

Wilson was but twenty-five years of age when he determined that he would invest years of careful study in the text of the Old Testament so that he could speak with authority as to whether or not it has been preserved in an accurate format.

The body of Old Testament literature was completed by 400 B.C., and yet prior to 1946 (when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered), the oldest copies of the Old Testament Scriptures we possessed dated to about the tenth century A.D. There was, therefore, a gap of some twelve hundred years between the last of the Old Testament books and the extant manuscripts.

Could we be sure that the writings at our disposal had been faithfully preserved? After all, even if one is confident that the original Scriptures were inspired of God, that would amount to little if they have been grossly corrupted across the centuries. This was the task, therefore, to which young Wilson dedicated himself. And he was a wonderfully disciplined person.

Based upon the longevity of his immediate ancestors, Robert Wilson estimated that he might live to about seventy years of age. Since he was twenty-five at the time, that would give him about forty-five years remaining to accomplish his goal. Accordingly, he divided his projected remaining years into three periods of fifteen years each. Here is how he would pursue his plan:

For the first fifteen years, he would study every language that had a bearing on the text of the Old Testament. He set himself to the task. During that time he mastered forty-five languages! He not only became an expert in Hebrew and its kindred tongues, but he learned all the languages into which the Scriptures had been translated down to the year A.D. 600.

During the next fifteen years Wilson dedicated himself to studying the text of the Old Testament itself. He looked at every consonant in the Old Testament text (the Hebrew Old Testament has no vowels)—about one and a quarter million of them. He made a thorough scientific investigation of the Old Testament text, as compared to other writings of antiquity.

Wilson noted that there are twenty-nine ancient, pagan kings of various nations which are mentioned in the Bible. Their names are also found in the writings of their own lands. The names of these kings consist of 195 consonants. He discovered that in the Old Testament there are only two or three letters—of the entire 195—that are in question as to spelling. By way of contrast, in the secular literature of the same period, the names of those rulers frequently are so garbled that one can scarcely identify the person.

For example, Ptolemy, an ancient writer, drew up a list of eighteen Babylonian kings, and not a one of them is spelled correctly. The text of the Bible was amazingly precise.

Wilson then spent his remaining years writing down the results of his long research. He authored a marvelous book titled, A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament , in which he confidently affirmed “we are scientifically certain that we have substantially the same [Old Testament] text that was in the possession of Christ and the apostles and, so far as anybody knows, the same as that written by the original composers of the Old Testament documents.”

We ought to be grateful for those who have gone before us, and who have provided us with evidence for the integrity of the biblical text. By the way, Wilson died at the age of seventy-four.

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Agreed. That’s what I try to tell people about the Bible. I’m a fan of KJV. I didn’t know about Robert Dick Wilson until now. One of our guest lecturers at the New York Word Of Life Bible Institute was Charles Ryrie who wrote a book on theology.

Matthew’s Bible

What do you think about the 1537 Matthew Bible which was written by John Rogers, AKA Thomas Matthew? His Bible has the New Testament of William Tyndale. His Bible has the Old Testament and the Apocrypha of Myles Coverdale’s translations from German and Latin sources.

My mom has this Matthew Bible.

She likes it.


I believe the traditional Hebrew and Greek texts and translations from them,
I do believe the KJV is the final, perfect words of God in the international language of the end times.
Where any version matches it, it is true and where it doesn’t it’s not.


Where does this “wisdom” come from, MAN OR GOD?



God and the leading of the Spirit testified that the KJV traditional Hebrew Greek texts and faithful translations are and contain the true and very inspired words of the living God.

Reason, evidence, apologetic facts (history, archaeology, prophecy, science, literary value etc) as well as the hatred of the devil and his satanic followers confirm and prove it.

We preach the gospel because we’re commanded to by the inspired words and we are converted by his words.


I received this is a packet of information when I ordered the Genesis: Paradise Lost movie…


@MamaPotato, we all should hand these cards out to people. It is a real conversation starter. If the adults don’t like it, hand them out to children. It is a real red pill opportunity. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but some people, when they get bored, do end reading the fine print on the back of cards. Be patient. Someday, they’ll read it and then a light bulb will appear right above their heads.

They’ll say, “OMG, I’m a cartoon, haha.”


Seven Questions to Identify Hindrances to Belief in God

This is a simple survey to identify key hindrances to belief in God. Some questions may come across as blunt but they are meant to get to the bottom of the key barriers (both intellectual, spiritual and emotional) to belief. Please answer as honestly as possible and fill out the final section with any additional information you would like to share. TRF



I realize that this is not the best forum for Christian apologetics or anything remotely Christian. I have noticed attempts by those who hate Jesus and His followers more than they hate themselves to flood forums like this. However, the message (the signal) will never be stopped.

I see why Christians shy away from these forums and get discouraged easily. I can see why people are afraid to share their personal faith in any forum for that matter. There are so many dark basements of bitter hearts, secretly preying on Christians in the digital gulag. It seems that some enjoy hanging out here as well. Some are experts in applying psych warfare against genuine followers of Jesus to silence and hurt them. It should be expected.

I personally doubt that the digital forum will be the place for truth to prevail. At least that is my take after going through a bit of digital censorship hell and after having my intellectual property stolen. I will most likely be one of the huddled masses-the silenced voices-the beaten down warm hearts BUT I WILL NEVER REJECT CHRIST, LORD HAVE MERCY ON ALL!

“Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you , and you will be hate d by all nations because of My name. Matt 24:9


I’m with ya on that… I’ve learned to ignore most things now… Don’t engage if possible just post… The ones who appreciate it will show you…I’ve garnered much appreciation and negativity too… It doesn’t matter…press on and don’t engage… Just keep spreading the truth… :wink:

We don’t have to justify ourselves to men, only to our Lord and King, Christ…


You have youthful energy and tenacity that I admire. Not everyone is built like that. Sometimes the hate can be palpable and I suspect there are people - regulars - here that are here only for that purpose but cloaked in nice words that go nowhere.

I do wonder if these people who are so angry hate their own mothers and fathers as well. That would tell you something wouldn’t it. I think it festers from a young age - hatred.



Who are you to speak for others or their beliefs!

Consider I believe in “Jesus” but maybe NOT in the way you do for example. You believe him to be a pathetic “Man”, I believe he is the embodiment of all things “Human” and of his “Humanity”, for Man is a disgusting beast, a product of the ego and it’s fanaticism.

Fucking hypocrites and fanatics miss use his name and prove endlessly the ignorance of his lesson, such “vanity” of the vain…Shame.

Keep your misinterpretations, misunderstandings and it’s resulting hypocrisy to yourself it’s disgusting.

Also scroll up, witness how your equal have openly apologize but then went on to commit the same actions they apologized for directly after apologizing for it… the hypocrite, hypocritical, these the hypocrites and their hypocrisy…

Consider you are whom the table was turned.

SHAME, because this thread is for hypocrites I digress…