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I stand corrected…


Billy Breaker actually compared me to his dog.




More can be found on the YouTube channel if interested in this series…


In reaction to that first video, @MamaPotato, yes, people can be, can become, too closed-minded, not teachable enough. Yes, we should reduce the urge to be like Pharisees, like Catholics, some of the Name It & Claim It Insanity, etc. Yes, obedience is important. We can’t really know counterfeit truth without first studying enough of the authentic source to the eternal principles found in the Bible. Yes, Satan appears as an angel of light. Their are wolves in sheep clothing. People can look good on the outside, not on the inside, true. Some of the churches are straying from Jesus, our Creator Savior Sustainer Trinity God. I really love the questions at the end of the video and the computer smashing part as well.





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Uuuuggghhhh! This guy reminds me of the kid in high school who just HAD TO BE CLASS PRESIDENT!



Actually, from my own study, it would be “Y” then a breath, then “vah”. Even that, though, is going on the studies of modern translators, not on the practices of the people of that day, and particularly so, since they were so terrified of pronouncing the NAME that they forgot how.

There is, though, one devastating fact that prevents what you have been taught from being correct:

There is no “J” sound in ancient Hebrew, so putting a J at the beginning of His name is to start with an error. Essentially, what English translators decided to do when trying to put a name down on pages, so you could at least pronounce something, was to take (with the Y to J unsupportable modification) the consonant sounds of YHVH and interstice them with the vowel sounds from Adona (Lord, or Sir, in respectful speech; Adonai having the self-pointing particle ending, thus meaning “my Lord”).


Whoah - this is utterly profound. You Billsey are gracious, way more so than I.


A lot easier to say as well. Makes sense to me. Thank you for that information. I’ill use a Y for now on.


Sometimes a woman’s voice can be rather grating. I prefer to share the Gospel at times through music (both pagan and Christian).

Can you hear The Message?


“LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS” Volume 1 By C.H. Spurgeon
A resource worth it’s weight in gold and it looks like it is in digital form all over the WWW:

Gotta love the Spurgeon beard:


image Isaiah 9:6-7, NASB.


The list of names is actually, in Hebrew, a Chiasm (where the first entry links to the fourth, the second entry links to the fifth, and the key point is the third, central entry).

The Hebrew word for “Wonderful”, here (פֶּלֶא), is actually a noun, not an adjective, so there should be a comma immediately after “Wonderful”.

It really should read:

Wonderful (פֶּלֶא; Peleh), Counselor (יוֹעֵץ; Yo’atz), Mighty God (אֵל גִּבּוֹר; El Ghibbor), Father of Eternity (אֲבִיעַד; Abyad), Ruler of Peace (שַׂר־שָׁלֽוֹם; Sar-Shalom).

So, Wonderful links up with Father; Counselor links up with Ruler of Peace, and the key point, that third entry, is Mighty God.

What a great, and hope filling, passage!

Thank you!


Let’s get back to the 80’s and party like it’s 1999. Come on people…lighten up!



Reminds me of Handel’s “Messiah.” Not that time of year but isn’t it always that time of year?

I can tell you love words way more than me. I am married to someone like this. Thus, it is difficult for me to grasp the intensity in which my husband enjoys getting to the “root” of the Hebrew and Greek, in context, and then sharing those time tested revelations with others (most revelations tend towards beauty and dismissing fears). A true gift you have - this interest in the Word Billsey.

Just for FUN. I find that humor is one of my favorite reliefs from stress these days of worldly chaos:

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No, I don’t have a FRIDA mustache but I am the proud owner of very French armpits and I don’t give a damn who knows. In fact, I’m starting to get quit used to being half ape; after all the public school system wants me to believe I am a monkey-lady. Yet, scientifically, I know that I am much more genetically similar to the swine animal family than to the ape types. At least my sin nature is closer to that (stubborn, obstinate, always wanting to go my own way, and attracting flies when I roll around in the muck).

Although, I have weened myself off of the pork fat, I do prefer to stay as clean as a pig (the cleanest animal on the farm I hear). I have a hard time believing this because I have raised swine before and they do not seem clean with the fly issues. If you give them enough space, Joel Salatin style, they will not have the issue of flies but most people keep them in a small pen and do not let them root. Well, discern for yourself if you feel like wasting time today:


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