Christian Apologetics Thread


I think this is a better mooostache e-moogi:

: |]

I just can’t get the Inspector Clouseau look with the moogi game:



Man, it’s been too long since I saw that expression on his face! :joy:



Not sure I get the meaning of the thread.



Where are you going with your hatchet @SnatchetMan?


I’m probably not the “specialist” you are looking for but just for fun, let’s talk about how we can stop entropy:


Two of my favorites, treasures…


Dulcimers need to come back in style. Yet, maybe they should be retired after hearing Mr.Mullins play them.


Anything played with the conviction he had…


What I meant is that when you are good you are good and sometimes there is only one Seinfeld kind of comedy. It is just hard to make it better than that. Portlandia comes close.


Have you heard the remake of “The Joy of Jesus?” Mac Powell

My favorite:


I despise most Christian music…


Wasn’t Rich’s last album finished posthumously?


Me too but I find nuggets when I can and enjoy what I can. The pickins are slim. Looking for international gifted musicians to listen to who are genuine followers of Jesus. Know any French, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew? These are languages I can relate to easily in music.


The industry is brutal!


A documentary on it I’d watched had said they’d hired some secular musicians to finish the orchestral parts, and one of them had commented that he could sort of “see” the sort of person Rich was by the sort of musical shape of his arrangements.



Beautiful! Before even the words began…



Very few (if any) match that song in holy beauty.