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The Mind

Peoples ARTIFICIAL intelligence and the Bullshit it brings to this community and this thread, I am stating this as an Observation, that is not only of this thread but the MANY, This is also not about JUDGMENT but Behavior seeing we are Speaking of “Intelligence”.

the only Response to Truth from the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and their fanaticism are foremost and prominently First Denial, then Deflection, These are people whom can not be HELPED because they are the Unwilling, They are GOVERNED by the EGO, Not Rational, Logical Mind able to acknowledge, comprehend or in most cases conceive its own works, Rather it is Stimulating, where the individual suffering this illness may find things entertaining or amusing while being self deprecating, Manifest by the action of the subliminal subconscious mind that is typically Uncontrollable with out a sort of intervention or treatment.

These Individuals PROJECT the manifestation and Truths of these illnesses in their Every day life Unknowingly and most often unintentionally, as it often seems to them an instinct or Natural, It’s their “Personality”.

I have talked with many addicts and people suffering mental illnesses however none worse then narcissism and the evil mind of the Ego and the egotistical, or in Lyman terms, THE Fanatic.

I Say this because The EVIDENCE of this and whom these Traits apply are apparent and discoverable by Reading the POST in Threads. I often say the Truth is on the WALL for those whom are WILLING.

Beyond this, I can only Speak for myself in Saying I am forgiving, unforgetting, lenient, patient, kind but also STRICT, I mean what I say, so I do not Appreciate people contributing NOTHING while complaining that others have or are capable.

For the People whom have badgered me or other members of this community, I ask, I challenge, Can you contribute much as the FEW others have, If not then we must consider Anything beyond that the Word of the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and there fanaticism.

A waste and Shame…I have nothing more to add to this conversation, I digress, continue as you are…

I have included some links for you to browse and ponder a while. These understandings at times can provide “Us” a better understanding of ourselves, also others. However this is equivalent to the cover of a book, the deeper understandings of these require many hours of study and Experience but never fear to learn more.

the Psychopath typical Grasps at any form of reassurances, even if it puts life in danger thus the thinking of the irrational and Illogical psychopath and it’s psychopathic tendency to embrace artificiality’s.

The following links will help you understand The Fanatic, Religious or other, estimated to be 90% of the Civilized populous.


the Fanatic is.


Thus Subjective to.


Thus Leading to.

Dissociation (Neuropsychology)
Dissociation (Psychology)

Thus Facilitating.

Stockholm Syndrome

Thus Resulting in the.

Delusional Intuition

Thus Manifesting the.

Mental Disorder

Thus Ending with.

Defense Mechanisms
Psychological Projection

Thus Leaving only.

50 Signs of Mental Illness


I am only answer as you have asked, I will leave it at that, I agree it is straying from the Topic of this Thread, But I agree it is Good to share… Cheers :slight_smile:

Bible Prophecy -- Antichrist

Don’t be naive, vain or assuming, Its hypercritical and a shame…

But thanks anyway :wink:


8595670304 love ya brother


100% keep doing what you are doing Pipeline. Bingozee is a smart guy and one day he will see with your help.


Very smart and learned no doubt :slight_smile:


LOLOL…No I doubt VERY much Pipeline can Teach me anything, Consider they are not saying anything I am not already WELL STUDIED in… Trust me, I am learning nothing I haven’t KNOWN for a LONG time now, Since Childhood and Schooling, Hence I call threads like this Religious and Biblical Spamming…

Again, People really need to STOP being so naive and Assuming…Its Silly… IT’S not about me…Nothing to Say about the Message I bring… No it all ways comes do to Denial, and Deflection as mentioned above… I become the Scapegoat for Ignorance and Fear, LOL what I share is UNACCEPTABLE as the Truth most often is, As it also a REAL Challenger to all Artificiality, hence people feel insulated, belittled, or intimidated foremost and naturally, even if unknowingly and unintentionally.

We all want to believe in a Dream… and Despise Reality…

“The Paint on the Stone will ware, Leaving Only the Stone. REALITY”.

Lastly as this is NOT about me, I will Digress as it’s Clear people deliberately avoid understanding… I can not blame them for being so weak, Nor will I take it from them, It is theirs Let them Own it.

I am “Speaking” of other things…


And he will be a big help to shining the light of Christ if he chooses

I don’t want to die the death eternal brother , I don’t want you to die the death eternal (death of the spirit after the death of flesh,thrown into fire) is only reason I won’t faulter in trying to share with you not anyone his word cuz he loves you and I could not love you or merely say (text) the words if it wasn’t for the love that he showed me and took me out the darkness in all my deeds and made me a whole but I had to ask .see I sat on a fence for alongggggggggggg time devil had my ankle on one side of the fence , with God and his only begotten on the other with open arms (mind you it’s razor wire killing you) but he says all that pain can stop and you can come down off that fence ,and I will help you , then he says " all you and to do is ask"


@Bingozee This thread is not for boasting, which is contrary to sound doctrine (which states that no flesh should boast in God’s presence, but that our boast should be in the Lord), but for sharing edifying (good for the building up of the hearers) truth.

If you’re so high above everyone here, in rareified air, then do us all a favor and see yourself (permanently, even) out of the conversation. No one here valued your input so as to have begged you to join it. We value the Lord Who has “been made wisdom” to us. You are not the “wise” one–your boasts about yourself and your “demonic wisdom” are idolatrous filth.

Jeremiah 9
23Thus says the LORD: “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches,
24but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the LORD.”


I will encourage you to call me brother for real


@Bingozee When I said “demonic wisdom”, I meant…

James 3
14But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.
15This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.

Dude, your “wisdom”, full of pride and ego-centric nonsense, is abominable. Go promote yourself elsewhere. This is a [edit:] thread for Christians to meet and build one another up, not for ego-centric monsters to come and try to run their pathetic little hustles. You’re not helping anyone.


No such thing in reality for as long as there is water, Well unless your cremated.

I am stating a Fact, not boasting, I am also Referring to Lessons of the BIBLE as I have Studied also… I was not referring to things intellectually, He may be able to help me Tune my Guitar and I would appreciate his help and lessons the same.

LOL, Why would you say that, Because I have my own opinion and Understanding, LOL and that’s I why I say “Silly”, Don’t be so naive, Ignorant, or silly…

I am sorry you are so Weak that I would seem to you Condescending… But Lastly as I mentioned above “IT’S not about me”, However YOU insist by “Your” Righteousness it must be, Yet continue to contribute NOTHING to my Posts or Understandings…thus you are what is Called TOLLING And where I come from we call it Ignorance and Stupidity.

I would appreciate if you could stop projecting your acquaintances and insecurity at me as if some kind of weapon or defense as if my fault… However I will not continue responding to your frivolous comments made of me by your hypocrisy but rather Questions that are asked of me and or of things I can Contribute a consideration and or understanding…

Also A total Shame that you think you can “Speak” for others, That you would be so mighty… That is Called Hypocrisy and I am not interested nor Do I have any RESPECT for the Hypocrite, Fanatic, Troll, Plagiarizer or Thief.

Oh Did you catch this part posted above… ?

and Lastly

Other wise stick to the Topic of the Thing, Stop obsessing over me, It would be appreciated, Thank you…


According to one of the greatest gifts (of course not infallible–he believes in evolutionary creationism as well as some other fallacies) to the body of Christ today, N.T. Wright, the Apostle Paul actually reformulated the Shema to include Christ:

1 Corinthians 8
6There is one God the father,
from whom are all things, and we to him;
and one lord, Jesus the Messiah,
through whom are all things, and we through him.


Stop trying to make people pay attention to you, idolater.



I have no problem dropping out of the thread.

I will not be dragged into pettiness with the likes of yourself.


I really wish this were the case.



Every thread you engage in you drag your idolatrous so-called “wisdom” into. You are poison dude. You’re no better than Oatmeal. Disgusting filth.


Stop Trolling this Thread @well_well_well


No one but yourself and Oatmeal could derail a conversation so badly. Disgusting.

This is my last response to you on this thread.