Christmas Is Paganism... 😔


Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. They exchange gifts in honor of the “greatest gift ever given.” They say: " Jesus is the Reason for the Season !!" and speak of putting the Christ back into Christmas .

The problem is, Yahushua the Saviour was never “in” Christmas to begin with! While Scripture does not supply the Saviour’s birth date, most scholars agree that He was born in the fall, not December 25!

To discover the god being honored at Christmas, it is necessary to trace its pagan origins. Celebrations on December 25 began shortly after the flood with the birth of Tammuz as the reincarnation of Nimrod. Today’s Christmas traditions come directly from ancient Babylon and pagan Rome.


Quite true. It’s amazing how deep it all goes


Yeah…I learned this about 10 yrs ago…I quit celebrating that year… I still participated with family get togethers until about 2 years ago…now I just share the truth and try to ignore the ridiculousness and the scoffing because I won’t compromise… It’s amazing how hard people come down on you when you contradict their favorite holiday!! :expressionless::pensive:


That a girl :+1: Just out of curiosity, is your immediate family on board with the truth?


Oh yes…my sons both don’t mind because I taught them the truth…and my husband has known all along too… I began by taking it away little by little with the family only going and eating dinner and telling them do not buy presents for my children and do not fill their heads with the ridiculousness…It was actually harder to deal with the rest of our families coming down on us saying we were taking away the holidays from our children… They finally quit two years ago when I put my foot down! We told them that we will come and eat dinner with them any other time of the year but do not expect us to participate in holidays…


Nice. That’s really good to hear because I’ve seen people wake up and then the people close to them become very negative and families actual get pretty messed up😔 Idk what to say about that but I’ve seen people get the facts and I’ve seen the gears start turning and then stop and even though they agree with the facts they choose to go along to get along. To me that’s choosing lucifer


Yeah I have seen it happen too… A dear friend of mine is currently working into this knowledge and yet she can’t break her family away so she has chosen to compromise… she has a daughter… :pensive::pensive::pensive:I myself have seen hell (visions) and I will fight with every breath and thought in my being to keep my sons away from that… I pray constantly to stay directed…it’s been an amazing and chaotic journey but I honestly believe God knew I needed my sons to keep me focused because their salvation honestly means more to me then my own…


That’s crazy we’ll pray for your friend :pray: And it’s well know that having children wakes up all sorts of nice instincts :+1:
And I have seen the depths of hell myself and I hear all these people out there joking about it and it’s a big joke lol if you’ve been there spiritually and felt it, trust me it ain’t a joke lol but luckily I have also touched the spirit of god and having even the smallest amount of that in my life is an amazing feeling


Yes!!! I have also had the touch of peace from God… It’s so reassuring!! Whenever the anxiousness begins building…it’s there… I wasn’t always a good person…I was quite awful… I needed to be shown what this verse meant:

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

After that it was and has been quite an amazing recovery… Only by the grace of God…


The saying, there’s nothing the devil can do that god can’t undo, comes to mind :slightly_smiling_face:


This theme in the video below has been quite the eye opener when it comes to doctrine, holidays and worship. Our God does not COMPROMISE!! That was one of the hardest realities I myself had to face… In this world we live in we must question EVERYTHING! Study our Bibles, pray and hold fast to that which is truth/pure/good. We cannot let our own desires and emotions rule us and our decisions…




2 Corinthians 6:17-18

17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.


All the evidence is there. All are called, few listen




It crazy sometimes when I sit and think about my time in hell. The whole time God was sitting right there waiting to help me I just had to ask and try
As soon as I learned of god and accepted that into my heart. Complete 180 degree turn


Amen to that!! I even saw where He kept His hands around me when I should have died (a few times) and it humbled me to the core!!! Even at my most wretchedness, He kept me til it was time for me to see the truth!! :revolving_hearts::pensive::revolving_hearts::pensive::revolving_hearts:


Our life cycles seem to parallel each other’s quite a bit lol I see it the same way. The inner strength one gains from accepting god is quite a unique feeling indeed. I just wish it was easier to have other people accept and hear the good news


Honestly I have seen that in this world…it is quite literally a shot in the dark when we spread our testimony. People may see a sudden bright spark, a bit of light, but their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, agendas quickly blind them to seeing more. They are truly lovers of self… I try not to let that deter me from walking my path and doing what I am called to do…so all I know I can do is pray that God will open their eyes and hearts or that they will see that moment of humbleness overtake them for change…I used to get upset and try to force it on people with a crazy amount of debate but then I was told that all I can do is present the truth and then it’s out of my hands…stay if they hunger for more, or walk away to seek the next opportunity to share…


Yeah I feel the same I don’t really try to “wake people up” anymore god puts people together at the right time. If I see someone trying to open their eyes I give them a signpost pointing in the right direction and then continue on my way. Everyone’s on their own journey. Nothing can stop me from going in the direction of God. I’ve had to weed a few friends out here and there but I continue on.