Comedy is Back!


On a side note, I think Owen Benjamin should swallow his pride and repent and both sides should go out for a drink and plan a show critiquing this presentation. The fact that humor was used this way gives me great hope that we can joke around again. This is a very good sign for our country.

Hat’s off to you Mike Lee and your team for the creativity and courage to have a little fun. We need to laugh more in this country and laugh at things that are truly funny in a good-willed way. We don’t need to laugh at each other anymore we need to laugh with each other and laugh heartily.


Comedy is great as long as we remember there are real innocent US citizens tortured and even killed right now through the misuse of our federal reserve in jails, prisons, medical facilities, and other state institutions.


Horrific tragedy that must be stopped.

“Lord, please put it on the hearts of man to stop the abuses in our penal system. Have mercy on the caregivers, military police, state/local/fed police, and all first responders. Give them a peace of mind that their work is not in vain and it can be used like a mission field to better human lives and end human tragedy. Give us all more patience with one another. Give us all more respect for one another. Save the women and children who are being abused and neglected. Give us peace of mind over the coming wave of tyranny against Christians.”


This comment makes no sense to me either…

I mean I understand what you are saying, in it’s intent…

What I do not understand, however, if what prompted you? What prompted you, after viewing the HILARITY above; to respond with that buzzkill of a comment?


Sorry for the buzzkill but there are real problems real people in need are dealing with each day and they are not the ones paid by my taxes in government positions.


The reason we must support Owen is because without COMEDIANS willing to make offensive(but true) jokes…the truth has a way of not getting properly disseminated among-st the population…

Men like Alex Jones has THEIR place

Men like Owen Benjamin have THEIRS!

Never underestimate the power of comedy to CHANGE political paradigms.

If it wasn’t effective, the dems wouldn’t have used it as a counter measure to Pro American Nationalist Rise (i.e. Colbert, Trevor Noah, all late night etc…)


I suspect AOC is deeply convicted about the crimes against humanity but what do I know. This AOC is rather different from the one who walks around in high heels and wears garish red lip stick.


Brilliant statement!


Why thank you wonder WOAMAN


I like that…Wonder Whoah-Man!


I am not into magic or fairies but appreciate your invite to the party.
Not into partying much lately either - a bit over the hill and one shot of alcohol could put me in the horse-pital.

Any peaceful assembly is supported in my book! I won’t be joining any activist activity for reasons you need not know. However, my activist power remains strictly in the act of persistent prayer and genuinely loving others in this digital gulag.

If you are selling playright script I have one suggestion just for FUN:

Scene 1: President Donald J. Trump arrives in San Francisco, early Sunday morning with a good size security team 360.
Scene 2: Trump walking down San Francisco streets, live video feed captures the homeless crisis, drug crisis, and utter depravity born out of liberal ideology and policies.
Scene 3: Trump finishes his walk at a brand new drug treatment center RUN BY A NON-DENOM CHRISTIAN CHURCH and funded by a small grant from the gov’t.
Scene 4: Trump’s live speech from San Fran documenting for the world the atrocities of liberal leadership and showing the world what is to come if this kind of leadership continues in our country. A dis-ease it is. AOC would be graciously invited on the stroll and to speak at the new treatment center.

Just off the top of my head this morning. Of course the play could be improved with some genuine injected talent.


@supremebeing wants to send me private messages from his inner room but I don’t trust him so will post my response about his priest comment to me privately in the public domain. I asked him to leave me alone but he keeps “hearting” my work. What do others think?


My “Priest” has no time for InfoWars. He is too busy in the Word.

“Don’t ever under estimate the Healing power of Hatred” @supremebeing

Did you answer my question about hate? What kind of man, ruled by hate, would speak so highly of his “Priest.” Is this a satanic priest with an obsessive compulsive disorder and a strange obsession with Alex Jones? He mentioned his priest has infowars stickers all over his bedroom. Who goes into a priest’s bedroom?

“Lord, I ask you to expose @supremebeing for who he truly is. Is he a man of hate or a man playing games with those who LOVE JESUS?” T.R.F.


The question is, are you a wolf turning in another wolf or are you just a tattle teller?


lol that was good.

This should be on SNL.
I use a Tennis Racket to fight off killer Wasps. Never tried on killer flying sharks.
Democrats be like… “kill them babies”. Some would say… “I kill my baby”.



Trendies make me nervous…they care too much about how their skinny pants and buns look. It is a superficial style movement that has a lot of empty beards filled with bacteria (according to Mr. Drudge).

Hope I didn’t hurt any fweeelings.


We need to manifest this in reality. Sounds very excellent to me.


I’m all about RE AL I TY!
It is the most beautiful dimension. I only come in here to talk about Jesus. It is one place that I enjoy sharing the Truth. It is painful and embarrassing and humiliating and on and on to be made fun of over and over. However, this pales in comparison to what is to come in the future. Our future hope is our only future.


My favourite line is the one about China and Russia setting up secret hippocampus programmes.Brings back memories of the Blaisey-Forde carcrash testimony.


Blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhzy FORD

Mind controlled liar and weoponized feminism - a most ugly site.