Concrete suggestions for inforwars


Post your ideas, understand they are just ideas, like little balloons 99% will get shot down,

but perhaps between all us, we can come up with a few gems.

I think people are starved for Content, I know you are already working on it but if you could even make a TV schedule that could make a 24/ 7 even if you are pushing traffic off-site an hour
here or there to Ron Paul or Joe Rogan, more shows… more and different people. You will find the ones that POP.

How-To Red-Pill - Post Your Ideas Here For Videos, Memes, Etc, That We Could Make

Believe it or not but individuals can do this via live streaming onto multiple social networks and websites simultaneously via some apps or other things that can help with that. So, some people can use OBS or other programs to live stream not just their web cam but also screen-casting. They can load videos that they want share or rebroadcast other live-videos from Infowars, Cernovich, Lionel, Mark Dice, Millie, videos of Trump, Tommy Robinson, other patriots, themselves at times, always live, streaming from computers that are always kept on 24/7, seven days a week through and to as many different websites as possible, the more the better, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, Periscope, Tumblr, Linkedin, Bitchute, Brighteon, Dlive, Steemit, Dtube, MeWe, blockchain networks, etc, etc, different places at the same time, the more the better, 24/7 for sure or the more the better.

Different people can do that.

Infowars Outposts.

Operation Info Crumbs.


A good, solid database of information that has been vetted. Facts. Solid, motherfucking facts without any bias.

It could be setup for people to ask questions, no question to stupid, people could choose to run with asked questions if they are informed on topic and can source, sources could be cross checked and verified yadayada… Searchable.


Is fluoride bad for me? (search)

-Fluoride is a blah blah blah… (continued and sourced)
-Flouride is used for (examples and sourced)

Have it broken down as far as it needs to go, as long as it’s sourced correctly along the way all the way down…

How to dispute conflicting views? Not sure. Would be great to let the info disputed have a side argument but agreed upon info is accessible…

Cross referencing like that one site that takes a topic, puts it in a bubble, then lines out to other similar and parallel topics (if that makes sense)

There is sooooo much information, disinformation, trolling, scams, whathaveya that where can you go to study, and feel reasonably confident with the info you are taking in, and it allows you to educate yourself with bring overwhelmed all at once?

Oh well, there’s my balloon.


@greatgonzochops, understanding fluoride can be attained through a history lesson. When you look at when it was used and when it was not used, for example. Millie Weaver did a report about Fluoride and she taught a history lesson all about things that occurred in the 1900’s that would shock people had they knew it along.


That was just an example for structures sake, but that’s the kind of things that would be added

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I agree I think what would be great, is if we could go through all the show and clip out facts

and short segment videos and put them all together by subject. As you said, everything inforwars has said about fluoride over the years. and every other subject.


Does comms have a way of marking users who have been around awhile? Not “trusted” people persay but you know that if they are talking in a discussion you can pretty much accept they aren’t a troll or disinformationalist or whatever I’m trying to ask…


It’s a bit tough because the old server memory holed everything. And even then, some people who end up being “trolls” could be around for quite a while. Just have to figure things out as you go along. Best not to be told who to listen to or avoid, anyway; rather make the decision yourself.


This is something I had hoped this board could be used for, but the hierarchy is a bit to flat. If there were a hierarchy for topics, it could be useful to save snippets of information, reports, video’s etc. Links of information grows stale quickly, but mirroring the information can require exhaustive storage space.

To be useful one would need to adopt a form, such as:

Subject: One line description of submission
Date Submitted:
Date original material published:
Abstract: Paragraph describing information in source, keywords
Source: Link to offsite or onsite uploaded content, original finding
Authority: Original source

The above would provide the researcher with proper documented source material.

There were these mediamatters trolls that would hit comment boards with what seemed an unlimited link resource that were pulled up very quickly to support their narrative.

I use mind-mapping software to help gather ideas when working on projects or designing a new system. It can also be used to keep track of trains of thought which you can then return a day later to expand upon or look at it again from a different frame of mind. If you haven’t played with something like this before, try it. I’m a visual person, so the graphing helps.

Many of these have Llinux and Mac implementations as well.

WIth kind regards,



I will definitely look into this, thank you.

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Thank the FATHER IN HEAVEN for NICK B I think in a humble way HE IS ON FIRE!!!

We don’t need to find the disruptor’s, WE NEED TO WIN THE WAR.




If I set you up with hosting, and some technical help and grunt labor, would you want
to head up the project?


I would love to participate but I have way to much on my plate to head up such a project at the moment. However, let me noodle a bit. I was just discussing with a few people local to me here that may be able to help stand up a prototype system to see what is available. The system I describe below was more for archiving content that is targeted by hostile operators in the social media landscape. However, it could be opened up to other sources as well for research purposes. It could also be two different system altogether. I’m just brain dumping here for interested parties.

Frankly, I’m more of a analog/digital/RF/hardware/nuts/bolts guy, although I’ve done some software systems design in the past, those skills have somewhat atrophied and I am no longer at the top of my webapp game.

I’ll share a few of those thoughts here in the hope of igniting someone with the means and time to implement.

  • Create an automated agent that scans media sources for new material before it is removed is paramount. Working with friendly content providers could almost use this as a way to mirror a backup source of their material should their primary account decide to block them. (maybe this could be a service / profit center for content creators!)

  • In the digital world sources can be removed or modified without notice, so archived materials are almost a requirement, not a nice to have. It would be interesting if the agent could return to previously captured articles to do a content scan and show how the article was later edited and/or track retractions (particularly useful for hostile content providers). Therefore the agent should download copy and mirror to other social media site like Gab or Minds (maybe non-public/private with limited access could get around republishing restrictions)

  • The agent would build the outline I presented above and store it with a link to the content to provide meta-data for searchability and indexing.

  • The result could be a channel or channels on friendly social media sites that not only provide content providers with automatic archiving, it could be structured to help profit share. I don’t know ANYTHING about how monetization works, I don’t do social media at all, so someone would need to school me on this or point me to something that lays it down for me.

  • not sure of the legality of some of this information. I know there are terms of service that may limit creating archives of other peoples content. I would argue that news articles that are used and cited should be captured in their entirety at the time of citation as a content creator could bait/switch with erroneous information, and post corrections later to gaslight researchers.

We can continue to hash this out if there is a desire. This is where I wish we could push something like this off to a separate workspace that allowed further collaboration.

With kind regards,



Would be great, if over the 4th in DC, IW could broadcast like 12 hours live of speeches from
all the voices Scott B and Candace, Kurt Russell, Clint Eastwood and all Trump supporters, maybe
with a surprise Number 1 at the end.


That would be good also Ted Nugent.


Please everyone put in the NAMEs I agree 100% TED could lead the Way and invite the others.


Did you just hear? What I heard, 9 mil emails, so every email anyone ever sent to infowars every whistle blower email for the last 10 years?


Newswars comment section is down…

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Billy Corban, Mike Judge, Shooter Jennings…

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I guess this never got any traction, and the 4th is coming up soon, but I had another idea. As a kid growing up I always remember the Jerry Lewis telethon on labor day weekend. Now that does not seem much of a thing any more. Perhaps we could reunite that with a 1776 flavor, and Alex could have it every year, a one day charity fund raiser to give back. Alex could pick the charities I like Samaritans purse.

Anyway another little ballon to float up, SHOOTERS TAKE AIM…