Connecticut Info Warriors unite


Are there any fellow infowarriors out there who live in the Connecticut area that want to protest at the Hartford state courthouse?

Alex Jones Did nothing wrong and we need to show our support.

Does anybody know when Alex Jones court hearings are?

Post an Infocomms (IWA) Group

Not sure of his next court dates but, he is scheduled to be deposed on July 1 & 2. Also, I don’t think the court proceeding are in Hartford…Waterbury maybe?


I have no information about his court dates. I thought it would be good optics to have his supporters there.

What are some other ways we can show this country that we stand with Alex Jones and Infowars?


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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this part…

The judge overseeing the case has sided with the family, ordering Jones under threat of punishment to turn over to the families the missing business records in question. “The court will consider appropriate sanctions for (Jones’) failure to fully comply should (he) not produce the data in one week,” state Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Monday. If it seems as though Jones has been in trouble with this judge before, he has. In March, Bellis said she was fed up with Jones’ delays in turning over documents to the families, and threatened to throw out his motion to dismiss their case. In response, Jones gave families a 35-page Google Analytics report of his online businesses.

…his business documents are GOOGLE ANALYTICS?!?