Counterthink with Mike Adams


Every week Alex says Mike is coming up next, and yet, for me, it always just starts to play Alex over again. I am posting links where I have found Mike and his Counterthink Show.
~~ Updates are compliments of TheIsz :grinning:

Where is the link to watch counterthink live?

Thank you April…I spent quite a bit of time looking, thinking I was looking for a Sunday show…lol

I just heard Mike even in this latest video state counterthink every sunday at 6 central on

So someone at doesn’t know or they aren’t reading their emails or twitter messages as I have sent several over the last few weeks about this same issue…I guess they don’ read these posts either…

Maybe I will try and contact Mike directly…


@Pipeline Counter Think With Mike Adams No Longer On?


You’re welcome. used to have a video box especially for Counterthink as well, now it’s gone. It always played on Sunday, so you had the right day. With all that is going on, I bet they are getting tons of messaging traffic right now, usually they are really good at fixing things, even if they don’t reply personally to you. Strange, the latest video by Mike kinda touched on what we are working on by learning our History to create Resolves and Declarations in case our people have to take quick action to rid the corrupt out of DC. The 1st link is the coaching page for the First Electronic Continental Congress. The 2nd link is the actual learning material in case people can’t get the books. I watched the movie 1776 last night, and among also having a good sense of humor with it, it was very obvious that the people would not stand together without having a set of resolves to present. I have also heard others on this forum who wanted something on paper to begin acting. So if that is what it takes, learning my History to save our country, then I’m all in, although, personally, I never really liked the Subject much. Just in case you may be interested…


It came up for me, but watch it on Klowd TV now.



Thank you TheIsz!! Glad I can watch the current show. I added it to the top. Takes you to General Sheperd’s site, forgot to put that link down.


You are very welcome.

Powerful show. MA is very very smart, and very very well spoken.


Thank you @MIKE ADAMS. Truly Appreciated.


You can also get it on Brighteon and the older broadcasts are available through Brighteon with the link to Ron Gibson Channel 2.
That’s where I go anyway. Hope this was help[ful.


Yes it was. Thank you very much. Never can have too many sites to choose from nowadays.


Maybe they parted with Mike Adam’s because of Briteon and to be able to save money on bandwidth, Is INFOWARS really that poor? It sometimes feels like INFOWARS is the co servative NPR, begging all day all night.


This has been eating slowly away at the funds for sure. I look at others in Alex’s position, and they are worth a whole lot more than he is, so it’s hard to say. They spent $500,000 last week on bandwidth, and that does add up. The way Alex says Mike is coming up next makes me wonder if he doesn’t realize what is happening. We have tried writing to them to tell them and Alex needs to address it, to let the public at least know where to go to find Mike. Mike has informative videos that we need to hear. Hopefully they realize soon.



I got some counterthink for yuh, from deep in the hollow heart of Capitol Hill Seattle. Check comments for important notes.


I looked all over for that!!! lol



@Mike Adams.
Thank you Brother! We are Hearing, We are listening, We are watching, You are not ALONE.


I watch it on you pay, but they have Infowars Channel , as scheduled and reruns 24/7.


I firmly believe there is a demon spirit infestation on the earth.

God I ask that you continue to keep our soul pure. Help us to remain devoted to your calling for our lives so we can continue to do your will. Thank you for guarding our hearts and minds.

Philipians 4:7

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.