Counterthink with Mike Adams


Yeah it’s called mental illness. 90%… no kidding


People who are void of a spirit of freedom and love, the holy spirit, are susceptible to other evil spirits. Its something deeper than mental illness. Without the Holy spirit, people tend to have negative mindsets, corrupt purposes and motives, morality, ethics, and lost opportunities for themselves and to serve others.

Leftists are void of the guidance from God. They can’t see the overall mind of God without God’s spirit. :sunny:



Oh there most certainly is. Only people willing to accept they actually exist, are going to be able to see the tracks they leave behind in the mortal realm. You can’t see what you refuse to identify, even if it’s in front of your face.

Once upon a time they used to be afraid to walk in the light, but not today.


Very Spooky…


YOUTUBE TERMINATED THE ACCOUNT. Got to watch counter think on other platforms now it seems.

For those not understanding, certain tech, like cell phones, tablets, comps become obsolete after a certain amount of time, and oft have to be replaced or upgraded. Jones rotating funds back into Infowars is something needed to do, unless you guys would rather have pixelated footage of documentary evidence, lag on audio, and so on. Add that utilities constantly raise rates, and bandwidth becomes more expensive, and yeah, Infowars burns through a lot of cash,but to be how it is, we have to support it, or Alex has to go to sponsors,and as we saw with 9-11, A LOT OF CORPORATIONS BECOME CHICKEN $HIT when it comes to calling out the deep state. Add lawyer fees for the current lawsuits that the Dems are deliberately dragging out, 100 parties on the infowars payroll, and others…I’ll give an example, Alex during the election period did not take a paycheck. A lot of people missed that. He has basically done the show for two years free. Now if my hunch about Youngevity is right, that may be why, and that’s cool, as Jones will have a way to go into the sunset, but none of this money matters if the Fed collapses our economy and pins it on our president. Stay motivated, and when you can buy a t-shirt at infowars instead of walmart, do so. Easy!

Semper Fi,


I completely understand about Alex and the money he has forked out. The problem lies in what he says at the end of the Sunday broadcast. Yesterday he said his show would replay after Counterthink. Many have written, and we get they are extremely busy, but I wonder if he knows it does not play, or why would he say it? It will all get straightened out in time, I’m sure. it just drove me crazy, because I could not figure out why it was not coming on like Alex would tell the audience. It’s really nice to see someone lay it out such as yourself, not many get it, and think Alex is just bull crapping about the funds. Thank you for all the Tech info, helps us non-techies and trust me, I have spent thousands with Infowars. I support them 100%, just was a little confused about Counterthink. :slightly_smiling_face:


I found that the non youtube link to counter think worked, so looks like youtube is no go


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Don’t feel bad, I’m way behind this week as well. Thank you, as always!! :sunglasses:


I cannot begin to imagine what kind of hell awaits…


COUNTER THINK (Full Show) Sunday - 2/24/19 • • Bitchute


CounterThink: Chaos to Come 2019-2020


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@MIKE ADAMS Love the comments RE Cargo ship “Natural Selection” FANTASTIC!!! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I actually got it up before TheIsz for once. :grinning:



I’ve had to bounce back and for to to I like the PODCASTS so I can see who is talking and other materials that are presented so I know what the hell they are referring to … another LEFTIST scheme to leave U.S. in the dark like a bunch of MUSHROOMS !! Think I’ll change my name to MUSHROOM or TOAD STOOL since it was recently hacked I guess can we change our names on here ??

I think I’ll start a PODCAST called the “The Mush room” kept in the dark and fed a lot of :poop: Anyone know how to do that ? maybe make it a semi serious/funny PODCAST called “THE MUSH ROOM” why the hell not !!?? everyone can call in with all the lies and stories we all have about the Lying Corrupt Left and try to make light of all the BULLSHIT and unbelievable :poop: Social media feeds the American public therefore making fun of all the :poop: were all fed while were kept in the dark !!… :blush: :sunglasses: :upside_down_face::crazy_face:


I don’t know why but on this Counterthink I can’t get the picture up.



The unintended consequences of closing down Insane Asylums. Now they vote and run for office. Democrat Party has gathered them up and promised them a rope to pull them up with. They get pulled up too far to jump off and end up hanging from that rope for eternity.
The ladder is harder to climb, but there is a way to the top, by your own making.