Counterthink with Mike Adams


I have this New Age friend. He wants me to believe shit I don’t. Want’s to push is Vegan Bullshit and crap. Not having anything to do with that crap. Slowing pushing him away. Sucks because he is a cool guy… but something about him.

That is it… he wanted to be my Guro… not having it!!!

OMG he was accused of touching someone in a yoga massage… yea… my opinion is correct about him. I’m done with him. Son of a b…


Ive been looking all over for this thx…i wish counterthink was on the infowars app it’s my fav show




Thanks thelsz! Not sure why Infowars doesnt carry this on anymore, and today’s show is not on yet!


The actual show was dated 3/6/19. Most times his home page has the video posted there days before he runs it on Infowars. Sometimes he does two videos a week. You just have to check and compare them, but he does not do a live show anymore on the IW site unless he fills in for Alex.


As most know General Shepard’s site has been shut down once again. The site has not loaded today’s video as of yet. Checking other sites.


It’s back up again. Just not many vids on it, the last are from Alex’s emergency broadcast yesterday atm.


Really, I was just there and checked three of his accts. I had marked, they were shut down. Do you have the link to the one that’s up?


Re-post of the March 10th video. The one above has had the account closed.



Thank you!! With everyone skipping around and having to make new accounts, it’s hard to keep up when you’re not on much. Much appreciated!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I too have been emailing IW and no response about the missing icon for counter think show live on Sunday nights.

I was able to use
to get to the live show on Sunday nights but this doesn’t seem to work anymore. Miss watching it live on Sunday nights. I’ll keep calling and emailing IW. Maybe if we all keep doing it the message will get through at some point.


COUNTER THINK (Full Show) Sunday - 3/17/19 • • Bitchute


once again thanks for keep posting these I get upset when on sundays when alex says Mike is coming on next and it just repeats the sunday show on my app


You’re welcome. I know how you feel, but I also know Alex is doing everything he can to keep the bandwidth cost down as is Mike with trying to get around the censorship.

I just wish one of them would do a quick segment on where we can watch Mike on Sunday, or even why he says Mike is coming up next, when he hasn’t in a long time. I’m thinking it’s because Mike is not actually live anymore, just uploading the videos.

As we all know how busy Alex and the team are, I’m sure it will be addressed eventually. In the meantime, besides contacting them on the IW site, I’ll start private messaging the ones I can. I consider Mike’s videos very important to watch in these times along with IW and a few others.


I sent another email. I am going on 3 emails. Time to switch to voicemail.

I also posted at hoping a mod would pick it up.

I’ll also hit up Mike’s customer service number too.


I received a reply back from Infowars customer service:

Taylor (Infowars Support)

Mar 20, 13:26 CDT


We apologize for the confusion. We will forward your request to the correct department right away.
Thank you


Great! Thank you for your non - stop perseverance, it is starting to pay off. May take a little while for them to address or fix the problem, but at least we know they are now aware of it! :sunglasses:


Yes, ty! I can be an effective pest lol. I found an extension to Stephanie at customer support at Infowars. I’m going to call her too.