Counterthink with Mike Adams


Wheres my link? CAn someone help please?


I’m watching it on Klowd Tv on my rk app


Why is it so hard to watch counterthink?


I had a real hard time for a month back in January & February…
I really had to search for it.
I think I found it on brighteon and bitchute. I just got Klowd Tv this week and the are playing it now


I need to get that. I want to watch on my large TV not the laptop all the time.


I’m very happy I got it and I bought the $5 month plan… Loaded on my rk, and I met a soldier at the track today who is an ALEX fan and told him he can get it free because he’s military… And he promised he would kill all my enemies :metal:


Yea he can get the OAN channel for free. I’m thinking of killing my Hulu account since I never use it and subscribe for a year of this. Need to get me the DVR… that will make it great. I miss being able to rewind the show if I started late like when it was on youtube.


How do I watch today’s Counterthink with Mike Adams episode?


WE’re being censored in America! God-given birthrights are being eroded away.


This explains a lot.

Brighteon founder’s emergency message to all Brighteon users


Brighteon (official)

Published: yesterday

Brighteon founder’s emergency message to all Brighteon users


The link for CounterThink on is missing for everyone. I notified customer support, they said they would notify the department responsible.

Thanks for the link to the emergency message from Mike, watching it now.


CounterThink Mar 24, 2019


God bless you! Just got some hemp powder and livatrex/ livershield from brighteon store! Shop with the good guys! The hemp powder at the local store is better, but I’d rather support free speech platforms! :sunny:



Still no link on Infowars. Grrr. I guess it’s time to make the rounds again. I just dropped two more emails.


is there a counter think podcast link?


I believe you can find those online if you search. But, Infowars advertises they stream CounterThink live on Sunday nights but there is no link to be found.


I love Mike too!
Mike, why are men like you so very rare?
I feel like givin a big complimentary shout out to you kudostoyou


CounterThink 3/17/19: Without DELUSIONAL thinking, Liberals would have no thinking at all


CounterThink 3/24/19: The End Game Approaches Global DEPOPULATION via Engineered Violence


Anyone find he link to today’s show?