Counterthink with Mike Adams


Don’t think Mike was on tonight but this may give you tonight’s show

This is another show from tonight and it is EXCELLENT! Lawyer MUST SEE NOW -


With the real Gen. Shepard not being up, we have to wait until Mike puts the new video on his site now. He has not been doing live on CounterThink for a while. It’s been pre-taped. As of yet, the new one is not there, and it seems to take him a few day to post it too.


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Cool, thank you. Had not had a chance to check the site today.


The word “culled” is used well here.

Unless you have your own private property for years, which is a conservative ideal, you are not able to grow healthy foods.


I like what they started to do in the cities, with the roof top gardens. We also have farmers here that rent an acre for a dollar, for the law of course, and people divide it to make little gardens. They had about 30 last year. People from all over the city got to cultivate and enjoy the splendors of their work for the first time in their lives.


You need your own land with good soil, water, and sun to feed your generational family but city farming can get you some things. You need about 2 years of prep to make the soil and location ideal for a productive farm.

I have been paid to farm on the sides of mountains for 2 month segments at a time but this has only been for emergency cropping and is not ideal for kitchen gardening.

I want Mike Adams thoughts on COW Milk and the ways it is harming us.


I try not to mess with anything on Brighteon, because whenever I try to download it, there is no sound track.


I ate too much kael this weekend


For those who have problems with Brighteon, this is from General Shepard’s site.

Counter Think - Full Show - Sunday - 3/31/19


Thanks, April.

I’ve bookmarked the channel.

Odd, though, that I can’t seem to find Counter Think by going to the channel itself. Thanks for finding this.


You’re welcome. He seems to take a few days before he puts it on his channel. It’s usually on Brighteon first, but many have problems with that site.


I think Brighteon has a problem with the ADP process (when a video is set up to serve the video and audio in separate files that get rejoined on the client side; your device, in other words), in that, sometimes, it only serves the video, and not the audio.


COUNTER THINK Sunday - 4/7/19



Talking about my Sweet Home Chicago…
Not good news of course.
This Fungal Outbreak is at Chicago Hospitals he said.
My Wife works at a Hospital here. CDC is withholding info!!


There are many I know living in these types of group home environments that seem to get a “super bug” as Mike calls it around November December last year and still have it now. Multiple rounds of antibiotics and other prescriptions. The pollen block does seem to help with the inner ear related complications as well as the sinuses but I am not a medical professional.


The CDC has never been honest, that I know of. Mike is right though, the immune system must be kept healthy.

My husband had the bug over the winter for 2 months. I have all of Alex’s products. I take them, he doesn’t. I also caught it, but after high doses of Vitamin C and Silver Bullet, mine only lasted 2 days. Ginger tea with honey is great for the throat also. Along with taking Echinacea.

One of the reasons our immune systems are so low is the high amount of anti-biotics that is prescribed in this country. Along with our GMO foods of course.

The Fungal outbreak goes hand in hand with all the rain we have as well. Can’t have a sunny day, as they spray as soon as the sky is all blue.

I suffered with Shingles, for several years, at age 31 until I built up my immune system, but they have people believing the vaccine is the way to go. Funny thing, my own doctor told me Vitamin B12 and Vitamins E & C would help keep them away and advised against the vaccine. Shortly after that, he retired, in his 50’s. Since I have been taking the B12 and other immune builders, I have never gotten them again.

Building up the immune system is what they don’t want, but what we must do as this will only get worse, I’m sure.


Yea… I gotta get the Wifey on some more of the Supps to.
She just takes Knock Out sometimes. haha

It’s been heavy spraying here in Chicago 2019 so far.
And Rainy! That’s when all falls down on us.

Sounds like you had a BadAss OldSchool Doctor!

Cell Towers up on the High School across from my work…


Valley Fever is a bio weapon. Valley Fever is fungal and has no real cure, you get it, it lives inside you basically forever and once your immune system dips, it starts to take over. It is an airborne infection and spores can be spread for miles on the wind. Perfect to spray out of a plane. If you are proven positive for Valley Fever, your blood must be treated as a level III biohazard. It is serious shit. As easy to get as breathing as difficult to cure as AIDS.


anyone find a link to live show?