Counterthink with Mike Adams


nope every damn sunday they say coming up counterthink then nothing so I don’t know what the hell theyre does the crew not see this bullshit has been going on for months now? I get more out of Mike than most of the other hosts combined


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I like all the Infowars hosts, but I definitely look forward to some new ideas on Counterthink with Mike Adams. Its disappointing we can’t get the show on time. Please let us know whats going on! Get this fixed soon guys! :sunny:


I enjoy Mike Adams because I believe he is one of the last true scientists ruled by his conscience. A rare find indeed.


COUNTER THINK Full Show - (4/14/19) Sunday


Thats over a week old. Thanks though! Better watch it before youtube deletes it.


“There is little hard evidence for these ideas. Diagnoses of systemic candidiasis usually have no scientific basis, and most of the recommended treatments for it waste time and money. Anyone with yeast growing in the blood or vital organs would be critically ill in an intensive care unit. Despite this medical reality, systemic candidiasis remains a popular diagnosis in some segments of the alternative medicine community. My belief is that its persistence is an example of our fears of foreign invaders; it satisfies a need to blame our maladies on an external cause.”


Oh, ok, the last one posted was on 4/7 and this was dated two days ago on 4/14. Guess I’m a little confused or missed something. It’s the last one posted on his site too.


All depends who each person chooses to believe I guess. Personally, I am not into celebrity doctors or self proclaimed “Gurus”, but to each their own. Thanks for the info though.


We are talking about the “health ranger” here. I think there is more too it than that. Maybe both are right or wrong for different reasons.

My own non-expert opinion is that there are many multi faceted attacks on our health right now.


That is true. There are a lot of these attacks happening, but just because his name may not fit what society thinks it should be, I have gotten a lot of good information from him through the years. At least he has told us things when our Government has chosen to hide them and with him being a Spiritual man, I would tend to see his studies as more valid, but I will read Dr. Weil’s site, as I am always open to new info and have been using holistic medicine’s all my life.


Hello April!
Mike Adams is crushing it today, exposing the organ harvesting crimes against humanity.

MIKE ADAMS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE! A real scientist who is for saving lives not ending them.


#117 has been compromised. There is some good older information but the new stuff by some editor and not actually Andrew Weil is questionable at best. This includes some of the peanut butter with bread for mental health stuff. Also the site takes back claims to 10,000 UI of Vit C per day to start the optimal 8 weeks of health.

This stuff is still great




I kinda missed it if he explained any new project…
I need me some Counterthink, man


He kept it a mystery from what I can tell @BoonDoc. It sounds like it will have to do with food forensic science. The cold case detective of food forensics - Mike Adams.

I suspect his new project will be more successful than CounterThink could ever be.


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