Covington Catholic high school KY


Man has anyone heard this story cov Cath that Snopes and others demonized some white young Trump supporters( ahhhhhhhh naziiii! Haha) and talking about people dressed up in black face(aka body paint and basketball game) like come on school pride and having fun at sports games is now racist? Man shits crazy I’m going to try to make it out there tomorrow it’s in my neck of the woods if anyone headed out there let me know! Love y’all


well lets hope we can edumacate em :wink:


Talk about context taken out the equation.


Literally dude stood their in an uncofortable smile cuz he’s young and is in a situation he probably hasn’t experienced, so he puts off an nervous smile while a man that so happened to be native American beating a drum in his face turns into (the boys are shouting racist slurs so this man beats q damn drum in his face and it’s do to Trump’s Nazi racist ass cus these kids were simply wearing a hat that resembled the president. Holy shitttttttttt mental illness(lack of Spirit) what ever! Shitttssss weeeeaaaakkkk


I’m confused on this inclination due to the non relevence but I still love ya brother lol


Alrighty brother still confused God bless :slight_smile:


Hmm that perspective is what I’m courious?


Couple spelling errors but what I saying is I wanna hear your take on the point your trying to make cause I genuinely value your perspective


No, haven’t heard anything about it. Has there been any coverage? lol


I do not dissagree with you, in fact I very much agree with that it’s not particularly about left or right Dem or Republicans but about good verse evil and we all make decisions based off it and and the end of our times will be judged based on true good and true evil(only God defines personally,I can not) through true wisdom(which comes from God ) there is that this evil that helps make us who we are and shaping our way(when it’s all sumed up that we will be judged by our actions and works of our individual souls to move to the greater step or not so great step) but that said if their is good and evil, righteous and unrighteous, godly ungoldly. I feel we are on the same page brother im only about being on God’s side and his side only I don’t care bout temporal powered parties along side of what I feel like your trying to get across


Well I have been out of the loop cause I’ve been focused in other areas of God’s work then I was told about this today from a close friend and it’s all over major news media completely out of context and going to try to make it out (God willing) tomorrow to show support for truth. :slight_smile:


It’s been ridiculous the amount of hate this has generated from the left. They are now going back and trying to find pics of them at an even younger age to try to prove this whole bs racism narrative. Meanwhile, the parents are furious and looking to sue whoever they can, and I don’t blame them.


oh yeah definitely that is so unfortunate i am not related to any one with information here yet but i will be there tomorrow and will get some footage and hope to be a light to some one(cause thats what its about right?) ha let me know if you find out more on this particular situation


your not alone and i encourage your to continue on learning, Reading and spreading truth so we all grow closer in our unchanging perfect soul, that’s what god leads me to do(we all have different ways of getting there and describing how to get there). I am soo not perfect in the the view of the many but its about having that faith and putting action behind that faith and leaving the rest behind and that’s awesome to always meet some one to thinks alike . Thats what i believe all this is about truth faith and loving each other as ourselves,simple but complicated :slight_smile: hope to indulged further.


I got another take If you guys agree with these statements, I for one think we need Alex to get “John Mark” on the show!

We gotta get this dude on, the producers need to get in contact with him!


Reza Aslan wants to suggest punching the Convington kids in the face, I think it’s time to call UCR up the street from me, and put this “professor”'s tenure in jeopardy.

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012


to easilly tweet

@UCRiverside I, &many parties @Canyon Crest area around UCR, find it troubling that1 @rezaaslan without knowing all the facts has called for punching teenage high school students in the face. We think UCR should re-evaluate Mr.Aslan’s job w/UCR, it’s unbecoming&below UCR. TYVM

Mass tweet(spam?) UCR’s twitter, as my area is full of college alumni and working families who would not be happy w/ Aslan’s chicanery. They’re just too busy with their work! Have collegen bound family youth tweet, and add that it sours them on UCR.

&yes I did post this elsewhere. Use it folks, less leftist professors is a good thing, esp. ones that eat human brains on CNN for ratings.(Show was called taboo)


Nate the drum circle guy lives down the street from me in Ypsilanti,
I know that SOB from Narcotics Anonymous
He’s been drinking again
Hmmmmmm bumper sticker time




I love how FOX NEWS talks about how the other news companies were RUSHING TO JUDGEMENT on those young men, DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT WE KNOW between 8-5:00 PM, they are just as LIBERAL!!! I gotta stop WATCHING FOX…they are NEO CONS… and the NEO CON AGENDA CO SIGNS TO WHATEVER THE LEFT WANTS!!! We are NOT cowardly CONSERVATIVES!!!