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“testifyyyyy!”—D-Von Dudley


Absolutely, and intro him with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” :metal:


if any one comes to covington and needs a guide or place to stay let me know message me and we will exchange information.







What of the Native American who was singing? It should be known what tribe he is in if it is not already made clear, and also why he would think it appropriate to bring a drum to a protest or a house of worship? That is not a protesting tool. Is it unreasonable to ask that one have some respect for the drum? If he were to use a drum to protest he could’ve used any other drum, but he used a presumably Native American drum.

There is an entirely different issue that I feel is not even being talked about even a little. Native Americans live sovereign, dignified, and in peace with the United States, as Americans themselves. Not as politically oppressed pawns. In no way is this appropriate or is he an ambassador that I am aware of. The actions of this man are repulsive and shouldn’t at all represent indigenous people in the slightest.


How exactly are they politically oppressed? Do they have less rights than any other US citizen? It was made clear in various media outlets he is a member of the Omaha tribe.


They are not and that’s my point. For what I can tell they are excellent people. This propaganda that CNN has pushed is totally false.

Do they have less rights than any other US citizen?

Okay, that is a grey area with the whole eagle feather thing but no.


That kid really stood his ground, I’m proud of him, it couldn’t have played out better for us, from the media to politicians to celebrities. I’m sure with the huge response, it woke a lot of people up to the bias. Twitter was and is on fire, I looked at that john rappaport’s twitter, 100% negative posts, bashing the hell out of him. I love it!!!


I think a drum is a great protest tool, but once you start banging it in someone’s face, unless you’re in a band on a tiny stage, then it’s clearly meant to annoy. If anything, the kid was confused. It’s not every day someone comes up to you and starts banging a drum. Try it sometime. Go out in public and start banging a drum in people’s faces. At the end of the day, I think you’ll have a new appreciation for that kid’s composure.


I doubt that. Do you have a link?


John Rappoport is fucking brilliant. Especially his writing on the medical industry. His site is He called fake news years before it became a thing,


I’m really sorry, I screwed up major…it’s Michael Rappaport, John is a good guy and I apologize.


Clearly some serious anger and homophobic issues.


May I ask you a question?


John is intellegent, he’s been a real Journalist for decades, mainstream too. I apologize for that mistake.


You don’t have to ask to ask lol, that’s why we’re all here. But I appreciate the courtesy.