Covington Catholic high school KY


Have you ever used a Native American drum?


I’ve banged a bit on a Shaman’s drum, so yeah.


Right okay and I don’t want to sound mean when I say this, but you should know that they are not just drums.

I am not Native American myself, nor an expert, but I have been honored to be allowed to sing before, and I currently care for drum in pic related.

With that said, no, absolutely not. These are not protesting tools. There are very kind and special manners one must have when using one of these drums. These are religious for the Native Americans. Again I am not Native American myself, but if I go into someone’s church, I need to be respectful. And I don’t use church tools as a form of protest so I can be blasted on CNN as some poor Native American elder. When in reality Native American people are often the coolest woodsman to be around and aren’t oppressed political pawns that CNN wants to use them as.

Now there is more to this then I can say, but one thing is for sure, Pow Wows are a lot of fun, these drums and traditions deserve, and I do mean deserve, our respect.


I said drums in general are good protest tools, but I agree there are some drums that hold sacred value that shouldn’t be used.


Oh well then yes absolutely, as I said, this man could’ve used any other drum. Like, go to an Art and Music store and pick one. It’s like when stolen valor people say

I am wearing my uniform because I have nothing else to wear.

Almost literally any other drum, he could’ve used.

Also like I said, Native Americans in general are some of the coolest woodsman to be around. This whole thing he pulled off should also be shamed. It is just awful.


Well, today Gateway Pundit or BB nailed him with a video from 2015 I believe claiming he is a Vietnam Vet, so I hope they keep on it.


Oh yeah, he also is stolen valor as well. But credit where it is due, he did just short of a four-year enlistment and came out as an E1.

How does one do that? @StovePipe I see you’re a vet can you answer that question? How the heck is that possible? How did he not at least achieve E3? I’m not being sarcastic when I say this, but to my understanding you have to be doing something really wrong to not at least get E3.


He went AWOL three times. Maybe that was it.


The winner of meme contest does another video for Covington.


He probably did reach E-3 at one point, but each time you receive an Article 15, such as his AWOLS (UA), they not only usually get fined (Attached or no Pay at all), they additionally receive time in the Stockade (Brig)…and usually, with each offense, they get busted down in Rank, hence the E-1, every time he got busted, they pulled at least one Rank away.


Right = the maga movement, globally

When the left says, “Right & Left,” they mean, “Rhinos & Donkeys.”

But Rhinos and Donkeys are controlled opposition.

They are bad. They are left.

When I say right and left, I mean right and wrong.

I mean light and darkness.

I mean objectivity and subjectivity.

I mean nationalism and globalism.

I mean free markets and tyranny.

I mean decentralization and centralization.


Yesterday I went to his FB Page and watched a video that he took of himself early in the morning waking up in his van at some protest, he was begging for money for some Indian center…anyway, in that video he claimed to have worked in “even though I’m not proud of it, I did security type jobs like Blackwater”, but then worked various construction jobs. He pretended like he was some type of covert assassin. You can tell when he’s lying just by the way he words things and his body language. He’s a loser joe nobody, and lies to make up for his shortcomings. Here’s the video, it’s the one dated Jan 13 at 5:42 AM, you have to scroll down to get to it, I can’t believe his Page is still up…


Had to do some schooling to find the video. What a bum.