D e g e n e r a c y 🤮 PJW video


Wonderful message from Paul Joseph Watson, didn’t listen to whole video presentation yet.
However I part company on the Gender Binary item. Which isn’t throwing my support for lbgtxyz movement.

Male and female categories are majority conditions of human fetal development during gestation.

Forgotten few infants who develope as a between male or female have merely been swept away from common knowledge within modern civilization.

Not for parents who have struggled with limited choices of handling their own decisions of how to proceed with children’s present conditions and future society acceptance is the problem.
Which actually has been confounded by medical professionals previous approach of early surgical intervention on infants, toddlers, even teenage or young adults.

Saddest part is I wouldn’t be accused of sharing wacky ideas on this subject, except for previous medical industry choice of attempting to help normalize those unfortunate citizens.

Which these methods of resolving physical malformations of genitalia nature actually has complicated the struggle of those children/Adults horrendously. Many aren’t associated with lgbtxyz movement, however nobody can honestly blame them for gravitating towards those who easily accepted their peculiar physical attributes.
Specifically when telling people of something they never knew existed and possibly being modestly or vehemently rejected as insane.

Shouldn’t even require having to support these forgotten souls and inform highly intelligent conservative citizens, non less Christians whom regard themselves closely connected with source of truth.


The key question with “conservatives” is this: What are we trying to conserve? Israel? Culture? Ethnicity? History? Freedom? USA? Christianity? The Dignity of Humanity?


Your comment is thought provoking, fired off my brains processing mechanisms.
Clearly labeled goals definitely encourage beneficial efforts to those holding those great virtues.